Paris Jackson was taken to hospital early Wednesday morning (June 5) in what is believed to be a possible suicide attempt. TMZ broke the news earlier today, explaining that a source close to the Jackson family had alerted them of Paris' hospitalisation, what they believed to be caused by an attempt at committing suicide.

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Paris is said to be doing ok in hospital

The daughter of the late Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe was reportedly escorted from the Jackson's Calabasas family home and passed on to an awaiting ambulance at around 2 am, after which she was hurried to a nearby hospital. A call was placed to the emergency services around thirty minutes prior to the ambulance's arrival, with the 911 call citing a possible overdose from Paris.TMZ reported further that a source close to the emergency services that handled Paris as she was rushed to hospital noticed what looked to be self-inflicted cuts.

Just before Paris was taken to hospital, on Tuesday night (June 4), the 15-year-old posted two rather cryptic comments, although neither seemed to indicate towards the drastic action she would go on to take. She wrote on the micro-blogging site, "I wonder why tears are salty?" ... and "yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they're here to stay."

As far as we and other media outlets know, Paris is in a stable condition and will recover fully from the scare, but there hasn't yet been any word back from the Jackson family or anyone representing them.

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Paris' apparent suicide attempt has come completely out of the blue

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Teenage rebellion or something worse?