Michael Jackson's daughter has been advised by doctors to reconnect with her family.

Paris, 16, has reportedly become estranged from her relatives following her attempted suicide last June and medical professionals believe she'll find it beneficial if she re-establishes her relationship with them.

A source told TMZ.com: ''The doctors who have been treating Paris have told her she needs to create a family support system. She's become estranged from her entire family.''

The troubled star - who has grown close to her biological mother Debbie Rowe - has spent almost a year at therapeutic boarding school Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah, but doctors think her mental health will continue to improve if she rekindles her bond with her grandmother Katherine Jackson, her brother Prince, 17, and her half-brother Blanket, 12.

The source explained: ''Doctors want her to mend fences with Katherine, her siblings and other immediate family ... they think it's important to her healing.''

The actress was given the all-clear from doctors in May and is reportedly adamant she won't return to the $14,000-per-month private school in the Autumn.

However, Katherine - who is a co-guardian to Michael's three children alongside T.J. Jackson - doesn't think that's a very good idea and thinks she should return.