Michael Jordan’s got himself into a spot of bother. It’s not exactly up there on the biggest sporting scandals of all time but he’s managed to get himself banned from a golf course on Miami Beach. ‘What for!?’ We hear you cry… Outlandish behaviour? Being under the influence? Er… not quite, unfortunately. He was wearing… wait for it… the… drum roll, please… wrong shorts! He was wearing the wrong kind of shorts! Okay, so that wasn’t enough, alone, to get him banned. But he refused to change them. Oh yeah. He refused to change his shorts. And he got banned from the golf course.

Sorry folks, it’s hardly the equivalent of Sam Hurd getting nailed by the feds for possession of 10kg of drugs but it’s the best we’ve got here, okay? According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jordan was playing with a member at La Gorce Country Club on Miami Beach, when he defied the dress code by wearing cargo pants (i.e. pants with multiple pockets). Now, he might be Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, whose iconic image has become synonymous with tales of sporting success and overpriced Nike footwear but that, it would seem, is not enough to make him exempt from a simple golfing dress code. No, sir.

Jordan refused to obey the strict code and found himself banned. That’s right, Michael Jordan. You shall never darken the door of the La Gorce Country Club again. Let that be a lesson to you.