Profits from Michael Moore's controversial film FAHRENHEIT 9/11 will be donated to several charities.

Hollywood studio Miramax's co-chairmen HARVEY and Bob Weinstein will share 40 per cent of the box-office revenue while the remaining 60 per cent will be donated to "worthy causes".

The Weinstein Brothers fell-out with parent company Disney, who initially forbade the release of the PALME D'OR-winning movie in May (04), but finally agreed to sell the film if the siblings earned no more than 40 per cent of the net profit - while the remaining 60 per cent will go to charities of Disney's choice.

The movie - which is staunchly critical of American President GEORGE W Bush's administration - has already taken more than $35 million (GBP19.4 million) in six days of release.

02/07/2004 19:46