Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary movie-maker Michael Moore has ended things with his wife of 21-years - reports - following a long period of separation with seemingly no chance of reconciliation. According to reports, 59-year-old Moore filed for divorce from his wife Kathleen Glynn, 55, on June 17 following a period of separation during which time the couple weren't living together.

Michael Moore
Moore was married for 21 years

Moore and Glynn were also a working partnership as well as husband and wife, with Glynn serving as producer on a number of Moore's documentary features, including Bowling for Columbine, Sicko and Fahrenheit 9/11. A complaint was filed in a circuit court near their home on Torch Lake, Michigan, last month that revealed that they no longer live together and that their relationship has broken down with "no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved."

According to the court papers filed by the couple, the pair married in their hometown of Flint, Mich., on Oct. 19, 1991, and have no children together and currently own a home in the Traverse City area. The terms of the divorce filed by Moore seeks to provide a temporary order and judgement dissolving the marriage for good, with no selling or transferring of the couple's assets between the parties.

As civil as the divorce papers seem, the actual separation proceedings may be a more drawn out affair and involving millions of dollars. The pair's Torch Lake home is worth over a million dollars and Moore himself is worth an estimated $50 million - earned from his nine films and and nine books. We'll keep you updated on details of the divorce as they emerge.

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The split seems to be a civil one