Moviemaker Michael Moore has settled a lawsuit stemming from video footage used in his healthcare documentary Sicko out of court.
The director took aim at the U.S. healthcare system in the 2007 film, comparing it negatively to Britain's publically-financed National Health System (Nhs).
Ken Aronson, who hails from Washington, sent Moore's production company, Dog Eat Dog Films, a video of the treatment he received for a shoulder injury by doctors at the Nhs during a stay in the U.K.
Moore then used 71 seconds of the footage in Sicko, leading to a lengthy legal battle after Aronson claimed the video was used without his permission.
In September, 2010, a federal judge allowed Aronson's suit for copyright infringement to go ahead, but ruled that Moore had a right to speak publicly about healthcare and ordered the complainant to pay the director's $10,000 (£6,666) legal fees.
Aronson appealed and last week (ends11Mar11), Moore settled the case out of court, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No details of the settlement are known.