Michael Sheen's eight-month-old daughter Lyra ''went nuts'' after finally being let out of the house amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 51-year-old actor has Lyra with his partner Anna Lundberg, and has revealed the tot found it ''completely overwhelming'' to spend time outside for the first time since the UK went into lockdown in March, as she has spent ''half her life'' indoors.

Michael explained: ''I had a package delivered the other day, and I thought I'd take the baby. I started walking up the road and she went nuts. She's spent half her life in lockdown and you forget that it can be completely overwhelming ...

''She doesn't know anything but the inside of our house and garden. It's extraordinary. So we've had to build up to putting her in a car seat and managing it all.''

The 'Prodigal Son' star - who also has 21-year-old daughter Lily with his ex-wife Kate Beckinsale - says lockdown has been particularly hard for his parents, who haven't been able to meet their granddaughter because of the health crisis.

He added during an appearance on 'Lorraine': ''The grandparents who haven't got to say hello yet - it's heartbreaking. She's gonna get the biggest hug of all time from my mum.''

Meanwhile, Michael recently said being a new parent is ''really exciting''.

He gushed in November: ''For all the ups and downs of parenthood, all it takes is for my daughter Lyra to look at me and smile, and all is well with the world. It's been a while since I've been a new parent - my other daughter, Lily, is 20 - but it's really exciting.

''I think it will be easier this time round as so much has changed. All it takes Lily is for her to send me a text to let me know that she's still alive.

''Given how much I worry, the best thing is when they can make me feel like everything is OK.''