The gender equality conversation isn't something that's dying down, with thousands in the entertainment industry and beyond speaking out to demand women be treated the same as men. One of the biggest talking points when it comes to this topic is the gender pay gap dispute, which has seen men paid a heck of a lot more money for roles that are the same size as their female counterparts.

Michael Sheen is demanding equal pay for womenMichael Sheen is demanding equal pay for women

This is something that has rattled many high profile names. Even this week, there's conversation surrounding actress Lauren Cohan's future in hit AMC series 'The Walking Dead', as she demands more money before signing on for the series' ninth season. Said to be paid significantly less than her leading male co-stars, she wants equal pay or is said to be considering walking out.

Unfortunately for women, the pay gap is a hugely common problem in a number of industries, but more people than ever before are standing up and demanding change. One of those people is 'Masters of Sex' actor Michael Sheen.

According to Deadline, the star says he would "absolutely" take a cut to his pay if it meant he would be paid the same as a female co-star.

Sheen was talking at a gender equality event called March4Women in London, and went on to add that it was "absolutely imperative that no matter what the industry, no matter what the profession, that people should be paid the same for doing the same work."

The actor added that there was "clearly a moment happening" in Hollywood, but we'd have to work hard to ensure it becomes something more than just a flash in the pan: "We have to look at what the systemic challenges are. Not just if there are individual monsters who have done terrible things. We have to each of us look at what our own individual responsibility is."

He's not the only person who spoke up over the weekend, as actress Frances McDormand used her acceptance speech at the Oscars to bring up the topic of an "Inclusion Rider"; something that talents can use to contractually demand 50% diversity on the set of the project they're signing up to.

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As Sheen said, we're in a real moment right now of looking to change the world for the better, but we must make sure that it carries on until we eventually reach complete equality. It's going to be a tough and bumpy road, but for all of the talents who aren't immediately praised because they're straight, white males, it's a fight that will always be worth pushing.