Michael Sheen's daughter searches for his naked photos to ''embarrass'' him.

The 'Masters of Sex' actor admits 16-year-old Lily - his child with former partner Kate Beckinsale - is uncomfortable with his role in the raunchy drama and her way of dealing with it is to tease him about his frequent nude scenes.

He said: ''My daughter, she's 16. It's not what every 16 year old wants on their Christmas list; 'I want my Dad to be in a show about sex, where he is doing sex.'

''So she's not particularly happy about that. She does mention that every now and again she Googles 'Michael Sheen naked'. Just to embarrass me! I think it is a way of her being able to do deal with it. If she can see what's out there, then she's alright.''

The 46-year-old actor - who is dating Sarah Silverman - wishes his friends spoke more about the show because then he would know his nudity was ''acceptable'' - but they never acknowledge it.

Speaking to talk show host Conan O'Brien in an interview airing in the UK this evening (25.06.15), he said: ''I was hoping that once I did a few sex scenes on the show and I had been naked that people would kind of make jokes and it would be funny, because then you know that it's sort of acceptable.

''The scary thing is when no-one says anything. It's the same as when you make jokes about your age and you go 'Oh I'm an old man now' and people go, 'No you're not, don't be ridiculous'.

''They day when you go 'Oh I'm an old man' and people just go, '...'''

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