Michelle Dockery doesn't have a career strategy.

The 38-year-old actress has revealed she adopts an open mind to her career choices, insisting she is simply motivated by good ''writing and the character''.

Asked what type of roles excite her, Michelle explained: ''I don't tend to be strategic, in a way that's like, 'Okay, I need to do this now because I just did X, Y and Z before.' It really comes down to the writing and the character.

''Often, it's whether I feel something, in my gut, for the character.''

Michelle also discussed her own TV-watching habits, revealing she can happily sit through more than one episode of a show at a time.

She told Collider: ''I definitely like to watch more than one. I've just started watching 'Ozark', which I'm mad about. I love it.

''I'm quite late discovering it, and I have to watch at least two episodes of that, each time, but then I like to take a bit of a break. But it depends, really.

''Some things, I just binge right through. Other things require a little bit more time to digest it.''

Meanwhile, Michelle previously revealed the reaction to the 'Downton Abbey' movie ''exceeded'' her own expectations.

The actress returned as Lady Mary Crawley for the period drama's spin-off movie last year, and she was thrilled that the film was so well-received by fans.

She said: ''We were thrilled and, like with any show you're a part of, you just never know what the appetite will be out there.

''Of course, people were wanting it to happen and willing it to happen, so we did it.

''But you never know how it's going to turn out.

''However, it exceeded our expectations. It was thrilling to see it happen. And a sequel? We'll see.''