Michelle Keegan has been forced to defend herself after receiving accusations that she faked a double mastectomy. Keegan recently discovered that she carried the mutated gene BRCA2, which gave her an 80% chance of developing breast cancer and a 30% chance of developing ovarian cancer. She opted to have a double mastectomy, to reduce the risk of developing cancer and the Liberty X singer was recently a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding, having recovered from the surgery.

Sadly, a number of Twitter users have accused her of faking her mastectomy and have questioned her decision to wear a low-cut dress at the wedding, The Mirror reports. Heaton had a number of replies for them, putting the naysayers well and truly in their place. Amongst other messages, she wrote “no I didn't fake my double mastectomy (sick twisted people who wrote that should be blocked from using this site),” and “The "horrible" lump below my Collar bone is a loop recorder, which continuously records my heart as I have to have a pacemaker fitted.”

Heaton also explained that the dress seen in the pictures was chosen for her as a bridesmaid and she rounded matters off by thanking those who had shown her support during her difficult time of late. “I am now gonna enjoy my Xmas eve with my family, but as always thank You for those who've supported me,” she wrote at the end of her defence. Hopefully that should silence the doubters.