Michelle Pfeiffer thinks Robert De Niro is a great influence on film sets.

'The Family' actress was pleased that her co-star didn't have an ego on the set of their new film together and believes his easy-going nature helped the cast and crew work together harmoniously.

She said: ''He's a classic example of someone who's iconic and effortlessly puts actors at ease the moment you meet him. You just show up to the set and you're part of a team and working together and supporting each other, and if everybody shows up with that attitude then everybody has a great time and the work is better as well.''

Meanwhile, co-star Dianna Agron, 27, praised both Michelle, 55, and Robert, 70, for being welcoming and not displaying any diva behaviour.

She explained to BANG Showbiz: ''Everybody wants to do a good job and you want to make it believable so that involves speaking to each other, and not just in the scene because that would be really awkward!

''I have heard of instances where people are asked not to talk to people, look them in the eye, or not wear purple, and other things like that.''