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13th April 2014

Fact: Sir Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, Jared Leto, Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Pfeiffer and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul were among the celebrities who partied in the California desert this weekend (11-13Apr14) as they attended the Coachella music festival. Selena Gomez was also spotted at the event with Kim Kardashian's half-sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

13th September 2013

Quote: "My highlight of the premiere was we're on the carpet and 50 Cent comes up to Michelle Pfeiffer and hugs her really aggressively and I was just in an appropriate place to see her face, and I see her just (shocked). I don't know that she's ever met 50 Cent before... (but) he loves Michelle Pfeiffer by this hug!" Actress Dianna Agron reveals her The Family co-star was stunned to receive such a warm embrace from the rapper at the film's New York premiere on Tuesday (10Sep13).

12th September 2013

Quote: "We (only) knew each other two months when my daughter arrived and so we've never not been parents together. We had arrested development in the honeymoon phase, so we've never actually ever really had enough time together. We're thinking about what we wanna do." Michelle Pfeiffer is looking forward to adult time alone with her husband, writer David E. Kelley, after packing their youngest child off to college.

3rd September 2013

Quote: "I cherish my relationship with him so much that I never want to put it in jeopardy. I've seen other couples in Hollywood do it and it seems that as soon as they do a project together, within a couple of years they're divorced." Michelle Pfeiffer has no plans to work with her producer husband David E. Kelley.

3rd September 2013

Quote: "If there's any chance we can prevent a lot of chronic illnesses by the way we eat, why not try it? I cut out meat and dairy and after two months my cholesterol shot down 83 points. I also try to exercise five days a week - I run, do free weights." Michelle Pfeiffer on her healthy lifestyle.

3rd November 2012

Quote: "I actually bought a dog at an auction. I had way too many glasses of Pinot Grigio (wine), and I came home with a Newfoundland (puppy)." Auction-loving Michelle Pfeiffer on her strangest bid.

13th August 2012

Quote: "I never watch them. I can't stand my voice. I cannot change the channel quick enough." Michelle Pfeiffer can't bear to watch any of her own movies.

9th May 2012

Quote: "I got lost in the hotel... So I went to the room that I kind of thought was mine and I'm sticking my key (in) and it wasn't working and the door opens and it was David Spade. And I was like, 'Ugh, I'm sorry I have the wrong room,' and I just ran away. And I don't know that he ever really realised that it was me and I haven't seen him since, but he probably thinks I'm stalking him or something." Actress Michelle Pfeiffer on a mortifying Las Vegas hotel mix-up last month (Apr12). The beauty was in town to accept her Icon Award at the CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards.

1st May 2012

Quote: "I got every bit obsessed making the film as I had been when I was a kid. We had all the DVDs from the various seasons and we watched it every morning religiously. It was the most fun I've ever had getting ready for any movie." Michelle Pfeiffer was delighted to star in the big screen remake of the 1960s cult series Dark Shadows.

3rd April 2012

Quote: "I often think that she brought us together... I would have totally messed it up without her." Michelle Pfeiffer thanks adopted daughter Claudia for helping her find love and happiness with husband David E. Kelley.

28th September 2011

Fact: Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Viola Davis, Naomi Watts and Evan Rachel Wood will be among the stars honoured at Elle magazine's annual Women in Hollywood gala at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles on 17 October (11).

15th May 2010

Quote: "My God, she's 50 years old, but she is still so sexy. If I were into women, I would totally be into her." Former child star Danica McKellar has a girl crush on veteran Hollywood beauty Michelle Pfeiffer, who turned 52 last month (29Apr10).

8th March 2010

Fact: Vera Farmiga, Julianne Moore, Tim Robbins, Michelle Pfeiffer and Colin Farrell paid tribute to each of the Best Actor nominees prior to Jeff Bridges' big win at the Oscars on Sunday (07Mar10). Each star recalled anecdotes of working with those actors nominated.

7th January 2010

Quote: "How many actors can vomit all over themselves and still look sexy?" Michelle Pfeiffer on honouring her THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS co-star Jeff Bridges at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California on Tuesday night (05Jan09).

31st December 2009

Quote: "It's a crime he hasn't won an Oscar." Michelle Pfeiffer is hoping her The Fabulous Baker Boys co-star Jeff Bridges lands an Academy Award for his work in Crazy Heart.

16th December 2009

Quote: "It requires incredible discipline. You have to accept it. If you want to be fit, one cannot eat like a pig, and must exercise. That’s the way it is, and I hate it. There is no miracle cure, and no secret diet. Between the films I let myself go, actually. I look different - but I hide it. And I’m good at hiding." Actress Michelle Pfeiffer refuses to worry about her waistline between movie jobs.

30th July 2009

Quote: "I can't wear a skirt that's too short any more. It's not that my legs are bad. It just looks silly. I feel less pressure to dress youthfully. I'm 50 and everyone knows I'm 50." Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer is determined to grow old gracefully.

18th June 2009

Quote: "When I was out of the limelight, there was a lot going on in my private life. We made a huge family relocation, and that was pretty consuming. I didn't realise how many years were going by. When it got to be four years for me, I started to think, ‘Well, maybe it's time for me to get back to work.'" Michelle Pfeiffer kept busy during her career break.

17th June 2009

Quote: "I don't like it, no. I just think there's a clear double standard when it comes to men and women. With men, they're like the sugar daddy but when it's a woman, it's like we've got our claws out." Actress Michelle Pfeiffer, 51, is not a fan of the term cougar, used to describe an older woman who romances a younger man. In new period movie CHERI, the star plays a courtesan who romances a toyboy, portrayed by Rupert Friend.

17th June 2009

Quote: "The difference between a stalker and the paparazzi is you put a camera around your neck and suddenly it's legal." Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer fumes about the snappers who follow her every move.

16th June 2009

Quote: "It took me about eight years to feel it was okay to look my nicest. To think, I'm just going to enjoy this. The older I get, the more I like hearing it." Michelle Pfeiffer, 51, loves being told she's beautiful.

19th May 2009

Quote: "I'm not against it. But I've never been against plastic surgery - I'm against bad plastic surgery and the overuse of plastic surgery, which is what I see too much of these days." Michelle Pfeiffer, 50, hasn't ruled out going under the knife.

1st May 2009

Quote: "It's interesting, the older I get the younger they get. When I was younger they were all 50 and 60. Im going to stop there though. I'm heading into dangerous territory if they get any younger." Veteran actress Michelle Pfeiffer on sharing love scenes with Rupert Friend, 27.

28th April 2009

Quote: "I've always had a thing for Catwoman. Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry in tight leather pants, with the boots - I'm pretty good with either one." Denis Leary revels his fascination with the actresses who've played the feline Batman villain.

27th January 2009

Fact: American actor Dylan McDermott has fallen victim to the global economic downturn - he's been forced to slash the price tag of his Brentwood, Los Angeles mansion from $11 million (£7.85million) to just under $9 million (£6.4million). The property was previously home to Hollywood couple Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, who bought the house from Michelle Pfeiffer in 1997.

14th January 2009

Fact: Celebrity interior designer MICHAEL SMITH - who's transformed the homes of Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman and Michelle Pfeiffer - has been handed the honour of decorating private quarters of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama at the White House.

2nd September 2008

Quote: "The crazy thing is, she looks about 28. She's so beautiful you can't believe it! And she's my mum's age!" Actor Rupert Friend was stunned by his CHERI co-star Michelle Pfeiffer's youthful looks.

2nd May 2008

Quote: "It's a small part but it's great. I plat Michelle Pfeiffer'S masseuse. Basically I'll travel to Paris and Cologne to massage MICHELLE PFEIFFER. You can't ask for better jobs." British director Shane Meadows on his on-screen role in new movie DEAD MAN'S SHOES.

16th March 2008

Fact: Madonna, Sharon Stone, Annette Bening and Michelle Pfeiffer all turn 50 in 2008.

8th October 2007

Quote: "Right now she's probably drunk in a ditch. You don't see Michelle Pfeiffer walking round with a can of lager - Ashley would." British funnyman Ricky Gervais insists fame has not gone to his EXTRAS co-star and UGLY BETTY actress Ashley Jensen's head.

8th October 2007

Quote: "Love the hardware store. I have my own power tools!" Actress Michelle Pfeiffer is a keen handywoman.

6th October 2007

Quote: "The first time I saw myself, I have to admit that I went to the bathroom and cried," Glamorous Michelle Pfeiffer was far from bewitched by her new role as a witch in fairytale film STARDUST.

7th August 2007

Fact: Michelle Pfeiffer has been honoured with a new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

3rd July 2007

Quote: "Fashion is so confused today. It's like leftovers - just thrown together." Actress Michelle Pfeiffer is unimpressed by the latest trends.

29th June 2007

Quote: "I do regret not taking the cat suit. I hated wearing it so much that by the end I never wanted to see it again." Michelle Pfeiffer regrets not keeping her Catwoman outfit from 1992 sequel Batman Returns.

16th March 2007

Quote: "When I was younger I really didn't take care of myself at all. I basically lived on Coca-Cola and cigarettes. That was my diet." Michelle Pfeiffer admits she hasn't always looked after her body.

16th March 2007

Quote: "When I was younger I really didn't take care of myself at all. I basically lived on Coca-Cola and cigarettes. That was my diet." Michelle Pfeiffer admits she hasn't always looked after her body.

23rd January 2007

Quote: "My wife was so worried that the paparazzi would ruin the wedding party that she kept the details of the wedding secret from everyone - including me." TV writer David E Kelley admits his wedding to Michelle Pfeiffer was a big surprise.

12th September 2006

Fact: Gwen Stefani's spring 2007 L.A.M.B fashion line is inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer's character in cult film SCARFACE.

22nd July 2006

Quote: "I've seen some amazing-looking plastic surgery but who knows if that's what you'll get. There are some freakish things going on right now." Michelle Pfeiffer hopes to avoid plastic surgery.

14th April 2006

Fact: Russian boxing champion NICOLAI VALUEV has landed a role in Layer Cake movie-maker Matthew Vaughn's new film after the director spotted his picture in a newspaper. The 7 feet 2 inches (2.2 metre) tall 'Beast from the East' will star alongside Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Sienna Miller in STARDUST.

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