The actor was killed in a car crash in November, 2013, when he had completed an estimated 85 per cent of his scenes for the latest instalment of the car racing film franchise. His brothers Caleb and Cody, who bare striking resemblances to Paul, were recruited to stand in for their late sibling's final scenes, and filmmaker Wan was left with the task of piecing the whole thing together.

Brewster reveals she was pleased when she sat down to a preview of the completed version and insists the ending will serve as a "fitting" tribute to Walker's memory.

During a cast interview on U.S. breakfast show Today, she says, "When I finally saw the movie, I raised a huge sigh of relief because it is beautiful and he's so good in it and the tribute to it is so fitting and beautiful, and I am really happy that the fans get to see that."

Co-star Vin Diesel adds, "We all knew that it was our job to leave a legacy for someone we love and the world loved, and that's why the ending is as precious as it is."

Wan claims having Walker's brothers on board to help him complete the movie gave the cast and crew a sense of "closure" and Tyrese Gibson admits he felt Paul's spirit with them as they worked with his siblings, stating, "We actually felt like our brother was still with us."

The cast members insist promoting Furious 7 without Walker has been tough, and Michelle Rodriguez still fights back tears whenever the subject turns to Walker, saying, "I love that boy so much, I just can't talk without cracking."

But Gibson and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson are keen to talk about their late pal to keep his memory alive.

The singer/actor continues, "As much as we could find ourselves feeling like, 'Man, isn't it selfish to be out promoting it and trying to sell all of this about the movie when the obvious happened?', but that is the reason to do it because acting is art and Paul is a part of this culture and our world and what we all did together all these years, and we want the world to know that this is the beautiful art that he left us with."

Johnson adds, "I wanna talk about Paul, I wanna celebrate his life, I wanna talk about how amazing he was, I wanna talk about how much we bonded over being dads, about our daughters. As hard as it is, it was our opportunity to come together and create something special, number one, for his family, number two, in his honour, number three for the fans."