Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have ended their relationship after a year citing distance as a key component of their split, according to US Weekly. The pair had been dating since January 2012, having reportedly been introduced by a mutual friend, Busy Phillips who was in both Freaks and Geaks (with Segel) and Dawson's Creek (with Williams), but it seems with Jason working in LA and Michelle living with her daughter in NYC, the distance just got too difficult. 

While we're very sad for Michelle Williams and Jason Segel that they've split, it also leaves the door open to them both in the future for anyone else. They may not be the obvious 'hot couple' of Hollywood, but now single they're each the most eligible bachelor and bachelorette available.

Segel is a talented comedian, actor, producer and writer, having penned both Forgetting Sarah Marshall and bringing the Muppets back to life in last year's movie, imaginatively named The Muppets. Michelle Williams is one of the best actresses that has come out of America over the past couple of decades though understated and undersold, she's been in modern classics and beloved movies such as Brokeback Mountain, Shutter Island and Blue Valentine. She also has a daughter with the late Heath Ledger. Ever the professional she has continued to do promotional work for her latest movie, Oz The Great and Powerful. Jason's next project wont be out until June, it's called This Is The End. 

Jason Segal and Michelle Williams in CA

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams last August in CA