Actress Michelle Williams gave fashion and style blogs some new material yesterday (April 9), when she debuted her brand new look.

The Oz: The Great And Powerful actress showed up to a Target fashion launch to support designer Kate Young, and she looked fabulous for doing it. The actress sported slightly longer hair, shaped in an asymetrical pixie cut – essentially that look we all want to pull off ever since Rihanna did it. Sadly, few of us regular folk have the guts for such an edgy crop, but hey, at least now we have Williams to gawk at and imagine! Maybe the actresses bold choice will also inspire some budding fashionistas to take the leap? Who knows, we might have a summer trend on the rise here.

The actress paired her brand new look with a polished, preppy outfit consisting of a white blazer over a sheer polka-dotted top and blue silk shorts – a wise choice for the surprisingly warm New York spring. The brand new cut is part of the actress’s short to long hair transformation, as she shared recently with E!News: “I think I’m ready,” said the actress. “It’s on its way, slowly but surely.” Looks like we’ll see Michelle debuting a lot of new styles in the coming months.

Michelle Williams, Target Launch, NY
What do you think of Michelle's edgy new crop?