Michelle Williams struggles to attain a work life balance.

The 42-year-old actress - who has Matilda, 17, with the late Heath Ledger, Hart, two, and another child who was born in October with husband Thomas Kail - admitted her heart will always lie with her kids and though continuing to work while juggling her family can feel "untenable", she is "continuously searching" for a way to maintain both her professional and personal commitments.

She told Entertainment Weekly magazine: “It’s amazing because we all do it. That’s how every human gets here, is a woman giving of herself.”

“So I’m continuously searching, because balance isn’t a stable place. Balance means that you're always adjusting.

“So you have to figure it out because we have to stay in the workforce, even though it often feels like it’s untenable. My heart obviously belongs to my children; they tug at it the most. But I really want to be able to have both.”

The 'Fabelmans' star admitted finding balance “requires deep thought and learning” as well as “the support of other women to figure out how to get through” juggling life’s demands.

She admitted the advantages of having a family included her children’s needs stopping her taking her work and characters home after a day on set.

Michelle added: “I’m not going to go take something home and pollute my kids’ experience.

“I think, ultimately, I can remember that it’s not my life, it’s not my pain or my sorrow. It’s something that moves through me and then it moves out of me.”

Referencing her character of Randi in ‘Manchester by the Sea’, who is devastated after she loses her children in a house fire, she said about drawing a line between her parts and her family: “I didn’t lose children in a fire, and there are people who are going home tonight who won’t be tucking their kids into bed. And so I don’t think I’ve ever had a hard time keeping perspective about what’s mine and what belongs to the women that I play.”