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15th March 2017

Fact: The life of the late actor Heath Ledger is to be explored in a new TV documentary. Ledger died at the age of just 28 in 2008 after overdosing on prescription drugs. I Am: Heath Ledger will air on America's Spike TV channel in May (17), will look at all aspects of the acclaimed actor's life, including his relationship with fellow actress Michelle Williams, the mother of his daughter Matilda, 11.

12th February 2017

Quote: "I'm the happiest and luckiest girl in town, and I don't take a second of it for granted. I feel so fortunate to be in this position; I really cannot believe my good luck." Michelle Williams is humbled by her Oscar nod for Manchester by the Sea, the fourth Academy Award nomination of her career.

5th May 2015

Quote: "She definitely can wear some things that people would deem revealing but this is one of the first times where I'm like, 'You really, really pushed the envelope...'" Former Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams was stunned by the revealing, sheer dress pal Beyonce wore on the red carpet of the Met Gala in New York on Monday night (04May15).

5th May 2015

Quote: "I was a terror growing up. I set (started) fires. I stole my father's car and totalled it. I should've been in jail... Spankings didn't work for me. What worked for me was isolation and time... Sticking my nose up against the wall for, like, hours while the kids got to play outside. I had to write, like, 200 sentences: 'I will not write on the wall with crayons'." Former Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams admits she was a brat growing up.

31st March 2015

Quote: "Sometimes you just know when to show up... It's so easy to just pick up the phone and say, 'Ya'll want to do it? Yes? Cool!' Friendship is the foundation of everything we do - no drama. People are looking for drama but we have none to give you. It's literally friendship and sisterhood and respect." R&B star Michelle Williams admits it's easy to get her former Destiny's Child bandmates to agree to a mini-reunion since they're still very close friends. The trio came together for its first live performance since Beyonce's 2013 Super Bowl halftime show to sing a rendition of Williams' song Say Yes at the Stellar Awards 2015 in Las Vegas on Saturday (28Mar15).

5th March 2015

Quote: "I feel like I'm so good at raising a kid when I'm not working. I don't forget anything. I've got everything covered. It’s a real luxury to have a moment when I'm not scrambling... so that leaves me feeling pretty exhausted. I'm the person who falls asleep all the time. You invite me over for dinner or to a party, and there's a whole scrapbook of pictures of me napping. I've even been given a nickname because of my snoring." Brokeback Mountain star Michelle Williams struggles to stay awake as she balances her career with motherhood.

4th March 2015

Quote: "I get a poem of the day! I love poetry because it's like a shot, like an attack, like a dose. And for a person who doesn't have very much free time, it does its work very quickly. So I read poems on my phone when I wake up in the morning. It opens you up for the rest of the day, and suddenly your life becomes a little more observed." Actress Michelle Williams likes to start her day with a little poetry.

6th November 2014

Quote: "She said, 'Y'all stay together, stick together, love each other'." Michelle Williams recalls the late Whitney Houston's advice to the stars of Destiny's Child during a chance encounter in a Los Angeles hotel.

5th May 2014

Tweet: "I am so proud. I can't stand it. You need to go see Cabaret if you're in New York because My Best Friend Killed It." Actress Busy Philipps is beaming with pride for her best friend Michelle Williams, who is currently making her Broadway debut as Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

10th April 2014

Quote: "Whitney Houston was my biggest starstruck moment. I saw her in the hotel lobby and she started singing Say My Name and I went to my hotel room, put the pillow to my mouth and let out the biggest scream ever. And for my opening night of Aida on Broadway, she could not make it but she sent flowers and I still have the card." Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams on getting starstruck in front of her idol.

4th April 2014

Tweet: "#PoorMichelle that's not what my accountant said! Y'all be blessed now." Michelle Williams laughs off the use of the hashtag #poormichelle, which references the supposed times she was outshone during her Destiny's Child days.

2nd January 2014

Fact: Beyonce rang in the new year with her Destiny's Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at the Versace Mansion in Miami, Florida. The stars were among the celebrity guests at SEAN '' COMBS' New Year's Eve (31Dec13) bash, where Beyonce's husband Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, director Spike Lee, producer The-Dream and models Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn all partied the night away.

8th October 2013

Fact: Broadway veterans Linda Emond and Danny Burstein will be joining actors Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams in an upcoming New York revival of Cabaret. Previews for the musical will begin in March (14).

6th September 2013

Quote: "Michelle is a wonderful actress and I love Alan Cumming. I'm excited to see what they will do with the show and am sure it will be great!" Cabaret icon Liza Minnelli will be among the first in line to see Michelle Williams take on the role of Sally Bowles in a new Broadway revival of the hit musical.

24th July 2013

Fact: Hollywood actress Michelle Williams has been named as the new face of French fashion house Louis Vuitton. The Brokeback Mountain star has shot a campaign for the firm's autumn/winter 2013-14 accessories collection.

16th May 2013

Fact: Michelle Williams and Joel Edgerton will play man and wife in a remake of 2009 Italian thriller The Double Hour. The film, directed by Joshua Marston, is being financed and sold at the Cannes Film Festival. Giuseppe Capotondi's original premiered in competition at the 2009 Venice International Film Festival in Italy.

10th May 2013

Fact: Actress Michelle Williams is in talks to lead the cast of a new big screen version of musical South Pacific, according to reports. The My Week With Marilyn star is the front-runner to play Nellie Forbush, according to Britain's Daily Mail, and producers are keen to land Hugh Jackman as their leading man.

21st February 2013

Fact: Former Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams is to front a new reality Tv show, which will revolve around the recording of her new solo gospel album. The singer's siblings will also feature in My Sister's Keeper.

12th February 2013

Quote: "I like to garden when I'm upstate. I never feel more peace than when I'm outside there. I'm a Virgo, so I do love to prune a tree - we like making things new again. And I love to collect kindling. I'm not kidding! I could collect sticks for hours." Actress Michelle Williams enjoys relaxing outdoors in upstate New York.

8th February 2013

Quote: "When three good girlfriends are together, you're free and you don't care who's around; you're just trying to catch up and be goofy. I had a blast... We were all smiling. I was laughing with my girls. I don't care what anybody else says... It was a beautiful thing." Michelle Williams enjoyed the brief Destiny's Child reunion at the Super Bowl on Sunday (03Feb13).

4th February 2013

Quote: "I'm not a style icon. My life is car pool, pyjamas, and not showering every day." Actress Michelle Williams' life is not all glamour.

31st January 2013

Quote: "It's fun to sit at home, eat pizza and watch, like, normal people! She doesn't really have a Tv, so during the Golden Globes, I texted her pictures of the dresses." Actress Busy Philipps prefers to watch awards shows at home and keep best pal Michelle Williams up to date on red carpet fashion via her SmartPhone.

24th January 2013

Quote: "(It's) disappointing and sad... that was such a big moment for her. I wish people would let it go." Michelle Williams insists critics should leave her former Destiny's Child bandmate Beyonce alone following the lip-sync controversy surrounding her performance of the U.S. National Anthem at President Barack Obama's inauguration on Monday (21Jan13).

9th January 2013

Fact: Movie star Michelle Williams reteamed with former Dawson's Creek castmate and best pal Busy Phillips on the new season premiere of Cougar Town, which aired in America on Tuesday night (08Jan13).

13th June 2012

Quote: "You deserve more than just somebody who's nice to you. So often these days, niceness seems like it should be enough because it seems like such a rare quality but... What about these other things? Life is too short and too c**ppy to not try to get more of what you want." Michelle Williams wants more in a partner than just a nice guy. The actress is reportedly dating funnyman Jason Segel.

18th April 2012

Quote: "I think I would just very much like to be happy. That's about all I have to say about it." Jason Segel remains coy about reports he's dating actress Michelle Williams.

12th March 2012

Fact: British actor Eddie Redmayne, who starred alongside Michelle Williams in My Week With Marilyn, is colour blind.

31st January 2012

Quote: "I just want to go back to being a mum for a while." Actress Michelle Williams wants to take some time out from her Hollywood career to spend quality time with her six-year-old daughter Matilda.

26th November 2011

Quote: "I wore wigs, but I had to keep my hair really bleached underneath because it would show through the wigs. My eyebrows had to be dark and they were reshaped. You go through so many grotesque phases making movies (laughs). I never really feel quite like myself. I just feel like a mutant - always halfway in between some other person and myself." Michelle Williams on her tough beauty regime to become Marilyn Monroe for new movie My Week With Marilyn.

22nd November 2011

Quote: "I think my mother wanted to believe the Ryan Gosling rumour more than anybody." Michelle Williams' mum was hoping rumours her famous daughter was dating her Blue Valentine co-star were true.

13th November 2011

Fact: Actress Michelle Williams downloaded interviews, songs and even radio commercials for oil companies Marilyn Monroe recorded onto her iPod so she could perfect the icon's voice for new movie My Week With Marilyn.

27th October 2011

Quote: "I spent six months trying to talk myself out of it because it was just so daunting. I was never really a very good student. I didn’t go to school for a terribly long time. I think I’m making up for it now. I worked so hard. I read all the books. I watched the movies. I was obsessed with her. I woke up with her every morning and I went to bed with her every night, in a way." Actress Michelle Williams on portraying Marilyn Monroe in new movie My Week With Marilyn.

29th September 2011

Fact: Michelle Williams will be honoured with the top prize at the upcoming Hollywood Film Festival. The Brokeback Mountain star has been named as the recipient of the 2011 Hollywood Actress Award at the annual ceremony, which takes place on 24 October (11).

6th July 2011

Tweet: "He even sang a line of Independent Women between one of the songs at the concert 2nite (sic)!" Michelle Williams was delighted to hear Bono sing part of a Destiny's Child track during U2's show in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday (05Jul11).

31st May 2011

Tweet: "Soooooooo Soooooo (sic) Happy For @Kellyrowland!!!! A Judge On The Uk's Hottest Show X-factor! That woman works hard....very proud of u (sic) mama!" Singer Michelle Williams is overjoyed for her former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland, who was confirmed as a judge on British TV talent show The X Factor on Monday (30May11).

8th April 2011

Tweet: "Thanking you and Sista for my beauuuuuuuutiful flowers last nite!!!!!" Former Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams sends her appreciation to Solange Knowles and her sister Beyonce after receiving a congratulatory bouquet to celebrate a six-night run of her play in New York. The singer/actress is currently appearing onstage in a U.S. tour of What My Husband Doesn't Know and kicked off her Big Apple stint on Thursday (07Apr11).

4th April 2011

Quote: "It's on the windowsill, in front of where I wash the dishes. I like these little things that only I know about. It's nice to keep mementos like that when you're back in your home life, where it's all about cooking and laundry." Michelle Williams has souvenirs from her various acting roles, including the wedding ring she wore in Blue Valentine.

4th April 2011

Fact: Actress Michelle Williams learned how to knit for her role in new Western movie Meek's Cutoff.

26th January 2011

Quote: "It's not easy to find some guy to marry. My mother asked me to go on the Internet. I don't like that idea. I said, 'I don't think that would work out for me, Mum.'" Actress Michelle Williams snubs online dating.

13th January 2011

Quote: "I like to do weird things in the shower, like drink my coffee, brush my teeth and drink a smoothie. You don't have to spend time sitting down to eat breakfast. It's good time management." Actress Michelle Williams is a multi-tasker.

12th January 2011

Quote: "I never wanted to be beautiful because I got the idea early on that people don't take you seriously if they think you're just that. For me, it's something I'd rather play down rather than play up." Actress Michelle Williams puts more emphasis on her talent than her looks.

10th January 2011

Quote: "There's 12 hours of footage of us making things up. At one point... we put make-up on each other... I made him up to look like a loose woman." Actress Michelle Williams on finding things to do while improvising on the set of new movie BLUE VALENTINE.

9th January 2011

Fact: Actress Michelle Williams studied palmistry for her new film Blue Valentine.

5th January 2011

Quote: "Is there a word for someone who can't stop cutting their hair? It's a disease and I have it." Actress Michelle Williams considers making her cropped hairstyle even shorter.

5th January 2011

Quote: "I experienced a lot of loss after his death. I lost my city because of all the paparazzi descending upon us. I actually lost my journal during that time, oddly enough. I literally couldn't hold on to anything. It felt as if things were literally slipping through my fingers. Things were just streaming away from me. I lost my sense of humour. I'm still sort of looking for that." Michelle Williams felt the loss of her ex-fiance Heath Ledger in numerous ways after his 2008 death.

22nd December 2010

Quote: "It didn't seem unlikely to me that he could walk through a door, or could appear behind a bush. In some ways, I am just sad to be moving further and further away from it." Actress Michelle Williams on moving on from the death of ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger.

22nd December 2010

Quote: "She's like a cross between Bridget Bardot and Clint Eastwood. She's like Montana. If you want to get somewhere, you gotta drive there. You gotta take the time to get there." Ryan Gosling on his BLUE VALENTINE co-star Michelle Williams.

15th December 2010

Quote: "Actually watching myself is an unimaginable, terrifying, awful experience. Scary. I churn inside. Shrink back in my seat. I hang on like it's a roller coaster ride. I claw the chair's arms." Actress Michelle Williams cringes at the thought of watching herself on the big screen.

15th December 2010

Quote: "You have to see the movie. I'm nude in some love scenes. It's a big difference from my look now because I had to gain 15 pounds for the part. I finally lost those when I stopped eating ice cream after breakfast, lunch and dinner." Michelle Williams describes how she bulked up for new movie BLUE VALENTINE.

4th November 2010

Quote: "I'm desperate to work with Michelle Williams again. That's what I think is so incredible about having had the luck to have lasted in this business so far." Jake Gyllenhaal is keen to reunite onscreen with his Brokeback Mountain co-star MICHELLE WILLIAMS.

1st November 2010

Tweet: "I also sang The Star Spangled Banner today at Wembley Stadium for the NFL game between the 49'ers and Broncos. TWAS AMAZING OUT THERE!" Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Michelle Williams was delighted to welcome American football teams the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers to London on Sunday (31Oct10).

23rd October 2010

Fact: Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Michelle Williams will welcome American football teams the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers to London on 31 October (10) when she sings the national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, at their international NFL game.

12th October 2010

Fact: Michelle Williams and Dougray Scott turned heads in London's famous Bond Street by walking down the road arm-in-arm dressed as Marilyn Monroe and DOUGRAY SCOTT. The pair is filming new movie MY WEEK WITH MARILYN in the British capital.

5th October 2010

Tweet: "How u gon' have a Beyonce twitter page and you can't even spell her last name right or her hometown? GTHOH (get the hell out of here)!!!!!!!! Now sat (sic) down!!!" Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Michelle Williams warns fans not to fall for the Beyonce impostor on the micro-blogging site - because the Crazy In Love hitmaker does not have a Twitter.com account.

27th September 2010

Quote: "Auditioning taught me to change my clothes really fast. To this day I can get in and out of my bra and panties faster than anyone." Actress Michelle Williams is a speedy dresser.

25th September 2010

Quote: "I could be a pie baker. I like to bake a blackberry pie. I am pretty proud of my pie skills. Pie could be my future." Brokeback Mountain star Michelle Williams considers an alternative career.

1st September 2010

Fact: DAME Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh and Michelle Williams are to team up to bring Colin Clark's memoirs to the big screen in My Week With Marilyn. Clark was responsible for looking after Marilyn Monroe while she was in London visiting acting legend Laurence Olivier in 1957.

9th December 2009

Quote: "I met someone who I thought was cool. I told him we should date, but he wasn't ready yet. He was very handsome but it was just an observation really. I haven't seen him since." Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Michelle Williams was turned down by a mystery man during a recent stay in London.

8th July 2009

Quote: "I think it's very sexy when a man can be very passionate about making a change in the world." Former DESTINY'S CHILD singer Michelle Williams is fan of male politicians.

13th May 2009

Fact: Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are to play a struggling married couple in new movie BLUE VALENTINE.

10th March 2009

Quote: "You don't know anything when you are a kid, and you think you know everything. I didn't even know how to dress for the weather in North Carolina. I was always cold in winter - I'd be wearing a jeans jacket and Converse (trainers) because I didn't know how to dress myself. I didn't know what warm clothes looked like." Actress Michelle Williams on the struggles she faced after gaining early independence from her parents as a child star.

6th October 2008

Quote: "It gets to me that I never got my degree. Everyone in my family has one, and I'd like to go back at some point and finish it." Singer Michelle Williams regrets missing out on her advanced education after joining DESTINY'S CHILD, aged 20.

18th August 2008

Quote: "People act like I have an altar at home and I'm just dousing myself in blessed oil... I've got my faith, but I'm like everybody else - I laugh, I cry, I hurt, I party, I s**t!" Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Michelle Williams on her religious reputation.

28th July 2008

Quote: "That's something that I will not be discussing... Nobody is getting breaking news from me... I'm not discussing MS. BEYONCE or SHAWN CARTER." Michelle Williams insists she won't be the one breaking news about former bandmate Beyonce Knowles' recent secret wedding.

19th June 2008

Quote: "I can't start my day until I've seen THE YOUNG + The Restless." Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Michelle Williams on her U.S. soap opera obsession.

12th June 2008

Fact: Former DESTINY'S CHILD star Michelle Williams' debut solo single has been written by former bandmate Beyonce Knowles' little sister SOLANGE.

23rd May 2008

Quote: "(It's) something you can look back on at the end of your life and think, 'That was a cool thing I did when I was 27." Actress Michelle Williams was delighted to attend her first Cannes Film Festival in France on Thursday (22May08).

17th May 2007

Fact: Michelle Williams, Bryce Dallas Howard and Evan Rachel Wood have been cast to play English literary sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte in new movie BRONTE.

7th December 2006

Quote: "I've never played anyone overly confident and sexual. I've interpreted that as being vain, and, little by little, I realised, I've never done that before because it frightened me and I wouldn't be able to." Brokeback Mountain star Michelle Williams isn't confident about her seduction skills onscreen.

6th October 2006

Fact: The complete wardrobes worn by Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams in Brokeback Mountain will be auctioned off this Saturday (07OCT06) at the Human Rights Campaign's 10th annual dinner in Washington DC. The proceeds will go to the gay rights organisation in America.

24th March 2006

Quote: "It's very, very difficult to get out of the house these days. It takes me ages to get ready, ages to make sure that MATILDA has everything she needs." New mum Michelle Williams prefers just to stay at home with boyfriend Heath Ledger and five-month-old daughter Matilda.

21st March 2006

Quote: "The baby keeps staring at me... I said maybe she remembers I am the reason she came into existence." Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee believes he has a special connection with Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams' baby MATILDA.

15th March 2006

Fact: Heath Ledger asked a tattoo artist to etch around his girlfriend Michelle Williams' handwriting when she scribbled 'Old Man River' on his forearm.

30th January 2006

Quote: <p>"We made out and they had a baby." Jake Gyllenhaal jokes about Brokeback Mountain gay sex scenes with Heath Ledger, who fell for his co-star Michelle Williams during the making of the hit film. </p>

16th December 2005

Fact: <p>Ben Folds, DESTINY'S CHILD star Michelle Williams, Joe Jackson, Neil Sedaka, Suzanne Vega and LORI ANDERSON are to perform at a 1 February (06) tribute concert to singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell at New York's Carnegie Hall. Proceeds from the concert will benefit US charity Music for Youth. </p>

16th December 2005

Quote: <p>"I love being a young parent. It's me, the baby and the breast pump." Heath Ledger's fiancee Michelle Williams on caring for the couple's newborn daughter MATILDA. </p>

16th November 2005

Fact: <p>R+B trio Destiny's Child will say their official goodbye to fans on THE JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW broadcast on 15 November (05). The entire show will be devoted to Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who will talk about the best moments of their musical journey and perform a collection of their favourite hits. </p>

26th August 2005

Fact: <p>Singer Michelle Williams is planning to launch her own line of luxury bathtime products after Destiny's Child disbands next month (SEP05). </p>

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