Oh yes, he did – on Monday night, during a concert in Washington D.C., Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger decided to throw a quip at President Obama, and a well aimed one at that. “I don't think President Obama is here, but I'm sure he's listening in," the 69-year-old rocker told the crowd, according to tweets from the show, quoted by the Huffington Post. This was, of course, in reference to the recent NSA wire-tapping scandal. Much of the crowd booed at the comment, though it isn’t certain if they were booing Jagger or Obama.

Another reaction was less controversial though – conservative politicians and their supporters certainly had a field day with the comment. It got tweeted by Senator Rand Paul and quickly picked up by his followers - in less than 2 hours, the tweet dialed up three times the number of retweets as Rand's previous tweet, which was posted 20 hours before.

Jagger probably didn’t mean the comment all too seriously, but it does match up with his political stance. The singer has expressed his fondness for the late Margaret Thatcher and his dismay at the way her death was celebrated by her political opponents. Still, apparently there’s no bad blood between the two public figures, despite the claim, posted in a recent biography by David Maraniss that the president used to enjoy impersonating the British rocker in his college days. It’s not like Jagger doesn’t have a few good things to say about Obama though. The singer tweeted the following on Tuesday night: “Was a great show in Washington DC last night ending our US tour. BTW I applaud President Obama's new climate change plans, very refreshing.” Apparently the Monday night comment wasn’t to be taken too seriously.

Mick Jagger, Barack Obama, Miami, Florida
Jagger might be a conservative, but there's no bad blood between these two.