Sir Mick Jagger's daughter borrows his clothes.

The 71-year-old rocker, who has daughters Karis, 44, Jade, 43, Lizzie, 31, Georgia May, 23 and sons James, 29, Gabriel, 17 and Lucas, 16, has revealed his kids are a fan of his classic outfits, with one of his children stealing a pair of purple trousers he famously wore for shows at The Roundhouse in Camden, London in 1971.

Speaking about the Rolling Stones gigs, he recalled: ''I remember both of these shows. The Roundhouse was pretty ramshackle.

''It felt like it just had the roof sealed and was very cold. It wasn't a real funky gig but nice, though.

''I've still got the thin, purple, very fashionable velvet trousers I wore. My daughter's borrowed them permanently.''

Live recordings of the performances feature on the newly re-issued edition of 'Sticky Fingers', which is the album Mick credits with saving the band as they tried to rescue themselves from a financial struggle after they parted with their record label.

He explained to The Sun newspaper: ''We had all these financial and legal problems. 'Sticky Fingers' was really the beginning of trying to get out of those.

''There was light at the end of the tunnel but getting rid of Allen Klein and getting out of the Decca contract was dragging on for an eternity. We didn't have any money, we were all broke, so it was difficult.

''I mean, it looks like you've got lots of money, but we wouldn't have been able to carry on in any proper way because we weren't getting anything from anywhere. It was a complete disastrous mess.''