Review of Milkmaid Grand Army EP by Midlake

Milkmaid Grand Army E.P.
EP Review

Midlake Milkmaid Grand Army EP

Reissued by Bella Union, presumably to capitalise on the new found popularity of the band, the Milkmaid Grand Army E.P. was originally released by Midlake in 2001, and should appeal to new fans who couldn't get a hold of it in its previously limited availability.

People expecting the same kind of lush folk of The Trials of Van Occupanther will be surprised by an odd, woozy psych sound that dominates here. 'Paper Gown' is an acid-drenched slice of Sgt Pepper era Beatles pop, and 'Roller Skate' is a lovely whirl of off-kilter rhythms.

Elsewhere, 'Excited but not Enough' succeeds despite being rather too in thrall to Radiohead with its mix of experimental beats and big rock guitars, and 'Golden Hour' closes the set on a gentle, if slightly menacing note.

Overall, this is an E.P. that documents the transition of a band from being 'promising' to 'great' and deserves a place in any fan's collection.

Ben Davis

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