Review of Life In Cartoon Motion Album by Mika

Life In Cartoon Motion
Album Review

Mika Life In Cartoon Motion Album

A blaze of glory surrounded the single release of Grace Kelly and with just cause. A clearly infectious pop sound with vocals to match justified the continuous radio play and industry backing. Bundle that up with clever marketing, devilish good looks and you can see the reason why everyone began to scramble to bask in the light that the hype had cast.

So now the album is out and well to be honest it isn’t that bad, but it’s not that good either. Mika’s ability to create flamboyant pop songs hinged with samples and nice vocals cannot be attested but it’s inconsistent and terribly samey. But like I said the album isn’t bad it’s just I feel dutiful to be truthful. So this isn’t by far a bash at the fellow, but the hype has somewhat overtaken the actual music’s ability to walk on its own.

Comfortably numb meets 80’s/90’s pop in an alley and the result is a friendly handshake in the form of upbeat dance-pop tunes, double Dutch in downtown Queens and it’s arguably full of ideas. The lyrics are catchy yet slightly repetitive, the production and concepts are tight, but overall the end product doesn’t match the hype that preceded it.

Spoon-fed music ‘fans’ will make sure it sells a billion copies, but be wary. If you loved the number one single more than your first born then you’ll love it, otherwise I feel you might be a little disappointed.

Adam Adshead

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