Singer Mika has auctioned a personalised pair of shoes to raise money for the U.K. ambulance charity which saved his sister's life.
The pop star donated the colourful Converse sneakers to members of his Mika Fan Club, who sold them off in a memorabilia auction to mark the group's fifth anniversary on Saturday (07Jan12).
Mika was delighted after learning the shoes pulled in $2,800 (£1,750), which his fans are pledging to London's Air Ambulance emergency service.
In a post, the star writes, "Just heard the Mika Fan Club auction raised some crazy high figures, am blown away, 1,750 pounds for a pair of shoes. Am SO chuffed!"
London's Air Ambulance helicopter response team rescued Mika's sister Paloma Penniman in October 2010 after she fell from a window at her home and was impaled on a metal rail.
She was cut from the spikes, one of which had entered her abdomen, and flown to the Royal London Hospital for emergency treatment.