Mika hates taking his clothes off.

The 'Grace Kelly' singer dances around in his white underpants in the promotional video for his single 'We Are Golden' but insists he is embarrassed about flaunting his body.

He said: "I'm so prudish. I hate taking my clothes off and it seems funny that I'm now known for running around and dancing in my underpants!"

Although he loves wearing clothes, Mika admitted he doesn't have a lot of variety in his wardrobe as it is mainly white.

He said: "My clothes really aren't that interesting, I have a lot of white in my wardrobe. But my favourite item of clothing is probably my $7 Gap jeans I got when I was 17. I love them and they're still so comfortable."

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old star recently revealed he was bullied at school, leaving a "cripplingly shy" teenager.

He said: "As a teenager I was a coward and a loser. I was shy. I was very camp in my own way but I didn't realise I was. I was bullied for being different.

"It was so bad that I was worried about surviving into