Mike Myers has addressed the elephant in the room - he hopes to one day do a fourth 'Austin Powers' movie, but not from the perspective of the 'International Man of Mystery' and titular character himself. Instead, the comedian thinks it would be fun if he could bring Dr. Evil front-and-centre, telling the next chapter in the series from the villain's perspective.

Mike Myers would love a 'Dr. Evil' movieMike Myers would love a 'Dr. Evil' movie

The franchise is one that has brought in millions in the box office and on home release, with fans across the globe having searched for information regarding another sequel ever since the release of 'Goldmember' in 2002. Though nothing's yet official, this is what he had to say in a recent chat.

Speaking with ET, the actor said: "I would love to do a movie from Dr. Evil's perspective. So it would be 'Dr. Evil 1', 'Austin Powers 4', is how I would roll. Start the campaign, please. Thank you."

If the 'Austin Powers' movies were to make a comeback, they'd definitely have to change up their formula. At the time of their release, the jokes contained within each of them were found to be hilarious, but they were very much a product of their time. Plenty of them wouldn't go down well if they were in a movie of the modern day, so Myers would have to tread carefully to avoid offending.

Any future film would of course also not be able to include Verne Troyer, following his death a little earlier this year. That may be reason enough to leave the three films that make up the series already alone, without the need for a fourth to drop and potentially tarnish the franchise.

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There's no official 'Austin Powers 4' in development, but we'll bring you more news surrounding one as and when we get it.