Mike Myers is to have his face on a stamp.

The 51-year-old actor is delighted that three of his most famous comic creations, Wayne Campbell from 'Wayne's World', and Austin Powers and Dr. Evil from the 'Austin Powers' series, will be commemorated on the 85-cent stamp in his native Canada.

He said: ''I can't believe it... It's unbelievably flattering. I just want to thank whoever in the Canadian government decided to put this idiot on a stamp''.

However, Mike - who has children Spike, two, and Sunday, eight weeks, with wife Kelly Tisdale - admitted his British mother was less-than-impressed by the honour.

He revealed: ''She literally said, 'Is it legal tender?' I'm sure if you got enough Mike Myers stamps you could buy a car.

''She said, 'Do you not know anyone else who is on a stamp?' I go, 'Yeah, one other person - Her Majesty the Queen!' ''

The stamp will be released this summer as part of a series to celebrate Canadian comedians, though it has not yet been announced who else will feature.