Mike Posner has upset the Ibiza Tourist Board.

The 29-year-old singer admits the island is unhappy about his song 'I Took a Pill in Ibiza' because of its apparent promotion of drug use at a time they are trying to shake off their reputation for being a party hotspot, and though he seems to understand their objections, he insists it's all just based on personal experience.

He told TMZ: ''I portrayed their island as this party culture, which is part of it, but I'm sure there's much more and I don't know about it -- it's just what happened to me when I was there, I did when I was there.''

And though Mike is open to returning to the Spanish island in the future, he doesn't think it would be so wild in the future and he will ''probably chill a little more.''

The song contains the lyric: ''I took a pill in Ibiza/ to show Avicii I was cool.''

And Mike previously explained what had happened to inspire the song.

He said: ''''It was sort of a mystery pill. I was already under the influence of alcohol at the time. I had written a song with Avicii that week in Sweden called 'Stay With You' and he was playing in Ibiza so I said, 'I will just go there with you,' because I was already in Europe. I don't have like a regular 9-5 job... so might as well go to Ibiza, right? I had never been there before. So I went.

''I would go back and forth between the backstage and the VIP area and then where the actual kids were. And most people didn't know who the fuck I was in Ibiza except for this one guy who recognised me. He was like, 'Are you Mike Posner?' and he was all excited. He holds up this little bag of pills and is like, 'You want one?' And drunk Mike Posner was like, 'F**k it, yeah.' So I took one and I had never done that before, and I felt amazing. Then when I came down I felt ten years older...''