In many ways, Mike Tyson is used to putting his life on stage. Now, with the new Spike Lee directed one-man show Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth, the former World Heavyweight Champion is doing exactly that, as he takes to Broadway for a string of solo performances where he lays his whole life out for the audience.
For almost two-hours, Tyson is set to take to the stage and detail almost the entirety of his life in as much detail as possible. In as much detail that is, for someone who has spent a career in the ring taking blows to the head. In it, the 46-year-old former boxer will chronicle his life, from his childhood in Brooklyn, New York through to his beginnings in boxing. The play will eventually go on to discuss his very public divorce from Robin Givens and a surprise incident involving a young Brad Pitt even detail the time he spent in prison.
Both Tyson and Lee divulged into what the show will offer audiences whilst speaking to press at The Associated Press assembly yesterday (August 2nd), with Lee explaining that the decision to make the show stemmed from Tyson simply asking for a job!
The director, known for his tales of urban crime and contemporary, African-American life usually set in New York said of his star: "You can't get more Brooklyn than Mike Tyson."