E.L James’ new book is going to be, wait for it… a guide to writing? The undisputed queen of ‘mummy porn’ – as she’s become known is ready to hand over her gift of ‘writing’ to her fans. We’re pretty sure they just fancy another borderline porn novel, but this is what they’re getting.

“As E.L. James traveled and met with her readers, there was a great curiosity about how she got started writing,' said Vintage publisher Anne Messitte. “Her personal story as a writer is inspirational to many women, and journaling has been an important part of her creative process from the start.” There’s one problem with this: Fifty Shades of Grey was considered, in literally circles at least, to be awfully written; sacrilege compared to the classics. Still, if modern times dictate that making millions of bucks is good writing, then maybe that is good writing? Fifty Shades of Grey: Inner Goddess (A Journal) will combine "professional advice from the million-selling author and lined pages for readers to set down their own ideas, or 'inner goddess.'" The book will released on May 1st, and has been described as "a bonded leather" journal offering "readers and aspiring writers a place where they can record their innermost thoughts."

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