Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher keep a gun in their home.

The 31-year-old actress has confessed she and her husband have a firearm locked away in their home for emergencies but insists they have no plans to teach their nine-month-old daughter Wyatt how to use it even when she gets older.

Asked if she's disappointed US president Barrack Obama hasn't done more to change gun laws, Mila said: ''I will say this, 'We have a gun at the house. But would I give it to my daughter as a gift at 15? No. I can take a gun apart and put it back together blindfolded.

''My child shouldn't be as well trained as us, nor should she know there is a weapon in the house - ever. But I respect the gun. My husband grew up in Iowa, and is from a hunting family. He's worked with rifles his whole live.''

The 'Jupiter Ascending' actress went on to claim they only keep the gun in their house to protect themselves, as earlier this year a man who was convicted of stalking her in 2011 escaped from a psychiatric facility in California.

She added to The Daily Telegraph Magazine: ''I probably wouldn't have the gun if I didn't have stalkers or people constantly trying to break into my house.''