Wow, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher really know how to twist the knife in the back of Kutcher’s former wife Demi Moore. It’s been bad enough that the pair have been cavorting their relationship around in public, whilst the 49 year-old actress still struggles to get over the Two And A Half Men star cheating on Moore with a woman less than half her age. However, this really takes the biscuit. After the new couple’s enjoyable stroll around New York they decided to enjoy a rather raunchy moment of PDA, right in front of the very apartment block where Kutcher lived with Moore before and during the time they were married. Moore still lives there, so we hope she wasn’t watching.

Kutcher and Kunis had started their loved-up day together by enjoying breakfast in the West Village district of New York, with the New York Daily News catching them sipping on Bloody Marys and eating breakfast. Suitably energised, they then went on a stroll through the Village and started walking up towards Central Park, stopping on two occasions to enjoy a good public smooch.

It’s nearby Central Park where Kutcher’s old San Remo apartment building is and so it was that they decided to cap their day together just steps away from its entrance. Moore was said to be “devastated” when the pair went public with their relationship in July; this sure won’t help.