Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's friends have been helping them homeschool their children.

The couple - who share Wyatt, five, and Dimitri, three, together - have been getting their pals to help out with the teaching of their kids amidst the current coronavirus lockdown, with each friend doing a 20 minute learning session.

Mila said: ''The one thing that we did do that I think is a good act is we enlisted our friends to do like 20 minute Zoom sessions with our kids. We'd be like, 'Teach our kids anything.' It can be anything from like making flower arrangements, to architecture, to anything. And so that gives us 20 minutes of not parenting and also allows our kids to have another type of interaction.''

And Ashton felt it has worked well for their friends who might not have kids, and so far the two children have learned everything from architecture to energy to flower arranging.

Whilst appearing remotely on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ashton added: ''It works really well with people who are single, they're home, they're alone, they don't have anything to do, they don't have kids to chase around all day, so they have a free 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and the kids just engage in that. We did one architecture lesson, we did one recyclable energy lesson, we baked cookies for one, we did flower arrangements for one.''

Meanwhile, Mila and Ashton previously admitted they are ''goofy'' parents and their home life is usually filled with silly jokes and lots of laughter - although their kids don't always find them amusing.

Ashton said: ''I sometimes try to read our daughter's books in the characters' voices, and [Wyatt is] like, 'Dad, can you just use your real voice?' I'll do Peppa Pig with an English accent. And then Daddy Pig, the whole thing. And she's like, 'Dad, just do your regular voice.'''

Mila added: ''We're very goofy parents when it comes to our children, but that don't have skill ... I think that's just being idiots. I think we're very comfortable with ourselves acting a fool at home, but maybe that comes from the idea of being comfortable in your own body, and in your own skin, and in your mind and not having a fear of making a fool of yourself.''