Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are apparently engaged after the Ted actress was spotted wearing an extravagant engagement-style ring on the right finger with numerous sources confirming the news. Whilst out shopping with her mother in Los Angeles on Thursday, Mila pointedly had her left hand on show, as if to parade her engagement to onlookers and paparazzi.

Mila Kunis
It Is Strongly Rumoured That Mila Kunis Is Engaged To Ashton Kutcher.

The simple but huge ring glittering on Mila's finger has sparked plenty of speculation over whether she and Ashton are finally ready to make the ultimate commitment. No official announcements have been made yet but E! News claims to have received a confirmation from a source close to the couple that Kutcher did indeed pop the question.

Engagement rumours have been chasing the couple, who starred in nineties sitcom That '70s Show together, for some time now with each successive "confirmation" proving to be false. The Jobs actor was married to actress Demi Moore for eight years which may have made him slightly more hesitant when entering into any long term commitments.

Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis
Mila & Ashton Are Clearly Best Friends, Which Will Make A Great Foundation For A Successful Marriage.

The last strong engagement rumour surfaced after the couple attended the wedding of Mila's brother in Florida. Ashton was said to get on really well with Kunis' extended family and the pair were said to be openly discussing the prospect of marriage. Though Mila and Ashton have dated for two years, their relationship always felt overshadowed by Kutcher's ongoing divorce from Demi. Now their split is finalised, the Punk'd star can put his former messy relationship behind him and focus on a future with Mila.

Then again, Mila has been known to - unwittingly or otherwise - taunt the press with a series of serious looking jewellery on her ring finger. There was the simple golden band that had everyone asking whether they'd already gotten hitched under the radar, and then there was that other sparkly diamond ring worn around her birthday.

Ashton Kutcher
Is It All Just Another Rumour?

If this current rumour is true, it will be excellent news indeed: the pair are clearly very much in love and enjoy spending as much time with each other as possible. Plus their co-starring history means their relationship is built on a strong foundation of friendship and memories, meaning it'll hopefully last longer than Ashton's last love.