Mila Kunis is pregnant. Mila Kunis is opinionated. So when she came on Jimmy Kimmel last night, she had a few choice words in store for Kimmel and expectant fathers everywhere. When Kimmel was interviewing the Friends With Benefits star, he made a pretend slipup. "My wife and I are pregnant," Kimmel said. "We are having a baby very soon as well."

Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis has a message for dads-to-be.

Kunis narrowed her eyes and replied, "Oh, you both are having a baby? You and your wife are pregnant?"

She then promptly removed her microphone and pretended to storm off before grabbing a hand-held mic.

“You’re not pregnant,” Kunis started her skit/song. “Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady hole?”

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“We can’t have anything because we’ve got your little love goblin growing inside of us,” she continued the rant. “You’re not pregnant. We are.”

Point made. Even Kimmel had to concede to that. But don’t worry - she wasn’t aiming at fiancé Ashton Kutcher. According to Kunis, her former That 70s Show co-star has been a perfect dad-to-be so far.

Mila Kunis
Well, at least Ashton Kutcher is a supportive father in training.

“He assumed that I was going to have weird cravings” Kunis told Ellen Degeneres recently. “So he stocked our secondary fridge with weird food. Pickles and sauerkraut, anchovies and ice cream, just in case at some point during this pregnancy I’d be like “I really want something!””

In other news, Kutcher has apparently been learning Russian (Kunis’ first language) so he can speak it to the baby. That’s a whole new level of devoted parenting.