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Thank You For Your Service Trailer

Adam Schumann was part of one of the first Infantry Battalions to head into the brutal city of Baghdad at a stage in the battle where their enemies were far from easy to be seen. The troops would patrol the streets in their hummers and attempt to protect the citizens whilst also fighting the enemy. 

Bombs were common place and they were not made to be seen before it was too late. Adam was one of the soldiers who often identified potentially hostile and dangerous areas before the rest of the battalion entered.

Many friends fell in numerous battles and when their time on the front had ended, the surviving men and women serving returned to the US and attempted to rejoin a 'normal' day to day form of life. Finally on US soil, Adam is greeted home by his wife and their two young girls.  Saskia and the girls are delighted to have Adam back and arrange a little welcome home party. The love between the couple is still easy to see but Saskia becomes more and more aware that her husband is more distant than he was before. Going to bed late, waking early and often having bad flashbacks are a daily reoccurrence. Wishing to protect his family from the horrors he's experienced, Adam distances himself from his wife. 

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Why Did Emma Watson And Miles Teller Lose Out On 'La La Land' Roles?

Emma Watson Miles Teller Emma Stone Ryan Gosling

La La Land is currently dominating awards season with stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling each picking up a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination for their lead roles. But while it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Mia and Sebastian, originally it was meant to be Emma Watson and Miles Teller singing and dancing their way around Hollywood.

Now a report by Page Six has claimed that both Watson and Teller lost out on the roles for being ‘too demanding’ and the film’s award season success has left both stars at war with their agents.

Emma WatsonEmma Watson was nearly cast as Mia in La La Land

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Bleed For This Review


This is such a ripping true story that it can't help but grab hold of the audience, even if the film never quite breaks through the surface. A story of tenacious triumph in the face of seemingly impossible odds, it also offers Miles Teller a terrific against-type role as a beefy young boxer who simply won't take no for an answer. And the entire cast is just as surprising, adding textures to a movie that's a bit too straightforward for its own good.

This is the story of Vinny Pazienza (Teller), a young boxer who wins two world championships in two weight classes with the help of his father Angelo (Ciaran Hinds) and his trainer Kevin (Aaron Eckhart). Then at the top of his game, he breaks his neck in a car crash and is told he may never walk again, let alone fight. But Vinny is determined to remain the champ, so he returns to training, even though an injury could leave him permanently disabled. Kevin reluctantly agrees to train him, pushing him up into yet another weight class. And seeing the publicity possibilities, father-and-son promoters (Ted Levine and Jordan Gelber) set up a massive Vegas comeback match.

Writer-director Ben Younger shoots this with a steady authenticity, charging inexorably through the story in a way that echoes Vinny's singleminded determination. Along the way, there are strained relationships, a variety of physical and emotional obstacles, intense boxing matches and, of course, a few emotive training montage sequences. The story is so strong that the film can't help but be engaging and even rousing, even if there are very few shadings along the way. Vinny never seems to doubt himself at all, his family only barely objects to his potentially life-threatening decisions, and his opponents are clearly going down for the count.

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Shailene Woodley Says 'Divergent' TV Series Is Not What She Signed Up For

Shailene Woodley Miles Teller

Actress Shailene Woodley doesn't seem too keen on the idea of moving the Divergent series to television for its final instalment, Ascendant. While no final plans have been announced, it has been reported that the series is set to end on the small screen, after the disappointing box office performance of the latest movie.

Shailene WoodleyShailene Woodley may not take part in a Divergent TV series

Speaking about the proposed television series to E! News, Woodley said: "From what I know, they want to proceed with a television show, which is not something that I signed up to do. Out of respect to the whole scenario, there could be things that have changed, but I didn't sign up to do a TV show.”

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War Dogs Review


Based on a rather astounding true story, this comedy-drama centres on two stoners who landed a massive defence contract with the American government to sell arms for the War on Terror. The story is told with a heavy dose of macho swagger by The Hangover's Todd Phillips, which makes it entertaining even as it dodges the heavier themes the plot is raising. It's also set in a world where smugness is an asset and women are irrelevant.

It begins in 2005 Miami, where David (Miles Teller) is working as a masseur and living happily with his girlfriend Iz (Ana de Armas). Then he runs into his old school friend Efraim (Jonah Hill), who convinces him that there's money to be made selling weapons to the US military. Over the next few years, the business expands dramatically, bringing in a fortune as David and Efraim travel into Iraq to see their deals through. Then they land a massive new contract that involves working with a rather dodgy supplier (Bradley Cooper) and processing the arms in Albania. But as they start bending the law to maximise their profits, things start to fall apart.

Phillips tells this with a quick step and a twinkle in his eye, zipping through the events with masculine energy, filling scenes with black humour as the business gets murkier. Hill and Teller make a terrific team, using their impeccable comic timing to make every scene zing. They are also excellent at bringing out the contrasts between David and Efraim: David tries to do things right, Efraim has no moral compass. And their differing approaches to cross-cultural situations are telling as well. Many of their conflicts seem scripted for movie purposes, but they're so well-played that we don't mind too much. By comparison, the supporting cast kind of fades into the background. Cooper grabs attention in a seriously oddball role, while de Armas is completely sidelined as the only person with a conscience.

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Jonah Hill And Miles Teller Bonded Quickly For War Dogs

Jonah Hill Miles Teller

In the new comedy-drama War Dogs, Jonah Hill and Miles Teller play childhood friends who meet up again in their late 20s and go into business as arms dealers. Since it's based on a true story, both actors were keen to dive into the roles.

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller in War DogsJonah Hill and Miles Teller star in War Dogs

Hill says he was aware of the story from a Rolling Stone article, but found out that The Hangover director Todd Phillips had already bought the rights. "So I reached out to him," Hill says. "And I said, 'If you ever make a movie out of this, I'd love to talk about playing Efraim because he is one bizarre, messed-up character.' I was just really attracted to how insane the story was and that the characters were people my age doing these insane things."

Teller agrees that the characters' age was a key factor in his interest in the role. "I think that these guys' youth kind of gave them a certain feeling that maybe they didn't have as much to lose," he says. "It's rare to get a script for guys in their 20s that are actually doing things with big responsibility or a more mature tone. And I was excited to play the straight guy who actually has more of a moral compass. Those aren't always the parts you're getting."

Watch the trailer for 'War Dogs' here:


While Teller was able to work with David Packouz, the man he plays in the film, Hill still hasn't met Efraim Diveroli. "As written, Efraim was kind of outlandish, colourful, deceitful and manipulative," Hill says. "But also everyone described him as very charming. So that was the great challenge."

In working on the role, he also began to understand Efraim's morality. "It's the 14-year-old version of yourself that goes, 'Hell, yeah!' but you don't examine the outcome," Hill says. "You see the snapshot and want to live in that snapshot, but you don't see the moral, physical, legal repercussions. You're just thinking like a kid."

Due to previous work commitments, Hill and Teller didn't have the usual time to bond before filming began. But Hill says this actually worked in their favour. "These are two people who were really close but haven't seen each other for a long, long period of time," he says. "On the set, I think we got to really bond because we started the movie in Romania."

Teller agrees: "Yeah, you bond when you're just waking up at 2am in a country where you don't know anybody and you don't know anything!"

Bleed For This Trailer

Vinny Paz always had the passion and drive to be the best boxer in which ever division he turned his hand to, he trained rigorously and his whole life revolved around winning the next title. Cheeky in nature Vinny immediately caught the attention of the sporting press earning himself the nickname 'The Pazmanian Devil' for his speed and ability to run circles around his competition in.

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Get A Job Trailer

Will and Jillian are in love and both have recently graduated collage. Jillian managed to get a well-paid and high profile just almost instantly, Will on the other hand is still interning at companies for free but Will's luck is about to change (or so he thinks). He's just been offered a paid position at LA Weekly but when he turns up for work he's abruptly informed that the job position is no longer available because of downsizing. 

Will lives with his pot loving buddies who are all really close but some might be on the verge of being called 'deadbeats'. Will and his friends are all in a similar position, they 'really struggling to find a job, Jillian is the only structured part of his life. 

Needs must means Will must sell his beloved TV but things start to look up for the graduate when, against the odds, he's offered a job as a videographer. Just as Will gets into the swing at his new office Jillian finds herself jobless. Will is quick to encourage Jillian to get straight back out there but she finds herself with little luck. 

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Review


After the more thrilling Insurgent, this saga reverts to the talky style of the original Divergent movie, constantly explaining this post-apocalyptic world's convoluted mythology before indulging in whizzy action that has little to do with the story or characters. It's a strange step back for a franchise that has such a strong cast and high production values. And this movie also feels frustratingly incomplete, because it's only based on the first half of Veronica Roth's third and final novel (a fourth film, Ascendant, is due next year).

When we last saw our hero Tris (Shailene Woodley), she and her hunky boyfriend Four (Theo James) had overthrown the nasty Erudite leaders to create a "factionless" society in Chicago under new leader Evelyn (Naomi Watts), Four's mother. But Evelyn's willingness to indulge in military excesses causes a rift with the more peace-loving leader Johanna (Octavia Spencer), sparking a civil war. Bored with this, Tris and Four free Tris' brother Caleb (Ansel Elgort) from death row and escape over the walls out of Chicago along with cohorts Peter and Christina (Miles Teller and Zoe Kravitz). Fleeing into the fringe, they encounter a peaceful, futuristic community called the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, run by David (Jeff Daniels). There they learn new facts about their past, but they're unable to ignore the unravelling situation in Chicago.

As in the first film, this script is over-packed with long conversations about the society's complicated set-up, and the Bureau has its own set of issues. Some of this information provides welcome context to the earlier films, but the screenwriters also hold back a lot of key details for next time, so this episode is oddly inconclusive. And that also makes it feel dull and contrived, especially since it leaves the characters' motivations so badly muddled. There's also the problem that these movies continually steal ideas and imagery from other films (this time it's Mad Max and The Truman Show).

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Dave Franco, Miles Teller And Ansel Elgort Reportedly On Shortlist To Play Young Han Solo

Dave Franco Miles Teller Ansel Elgort Harrison Ford

After the success of The Force Awakens, focus is now being turned to the upcoming Star Wars spin-off movies, which begin with Rogue One’s release in December. But also in the pipeline is a Han Solo origin story, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, which is reportedly close to casting the young smuggler.

Dave FrancoIs Dave Franco a good fit for a young Han Solo?

According to Variety, after seeing thousands of actors, executives have narrowed the names down to a shortlist over around a dozen actors. Included on the list are, 21 Jump Street’s Dave Franco, Whiplash’s Miles Teller and The Fault in Our Stars' lead Ansel Elgort.

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Trailer

In the third instalment of the Divergent series Allegiant, Tris and Four find themselves plunged into a new world and facing far more dangers than ever before.

In the aftermath of the earth-shattering revelations of Insurgent, Tris and Four must go beyond the wall enclosing Chicago and venture into the unknown, leaving the only city and family they have ever known as they fight to survive.

Outside of their home the pair realise that they have spent their lives being monitored and are already known to the rest of the world. But it soon becomes clear that everything is not as it seems and old discoveries are now meaningless thanks to shocking new revelations.

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The Divergent Series: Insurgent Trailer

Following on from the events of 'Divergent', the mysterious government has discovered a magical maguffin which had the power to create the idyllic future they have always hoped to fulfil. The only catch, is that it requires a Divergent in order to activate it. As the government begins testing any and all Divergents they can find, Tris (Shailene Woodley) is already on the run, and meets up with an army of secret, hidden Divergents. When it is revealed that she may be the only one to truly activate the maguffin, the Divergents rise up as an Insurgency, and take the fight to the government that has oppressed them for too long.

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A Week In Movies: Stars Descend On London, While New Trailers Premiere For The Edward Snowden Doc And Films With Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lopez And Chris Hemsworth

Reese Witherspoon Miles Teller Jon Stewart Timothy Spall Dominic West Jennifer Lopez


Everyone who's anyone was in London this week for the 58th BFI London Film Festival, which held gala premieres for the likes of Wild (with Reese Witherspoon in attendance), Sundance winner Whiplash (Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons), Rosewater (comic-turned-filmmaker Jon Stewart), Electricity (model-turned-actress Agyness Deyn) and Mr Turner (Cannes winner Timothy Spall).

Photos - BFI London Film Festival - 'Wild' - Gala screening - Arrivals

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Miles Teller Leaves No Stone Unturned With His Four Upcoming Film Projects

Miles Teller J.K Simmons Analeigh Tipton Kate Mara Jamie Bell Michael B. Jordan Shailene Woodley

Miles Teller first gained our attention as hedonistic ladies man Sutter in the 2013 rom-com 'The Spectacular Now', before going on to another comedy love story 'That Awkward Moment' earlier this year. Now, Miles Teller is exploring a range of projects over the coming months.

He was convincing as a rom-com fixture until he played the nasty piece of work Peter in 'Divergent', so now we're pretty sure his versatility renders him unpredictable. One look at his upcoming movie projects and you'd never think they were all starring the same guy.

More: Read our 'Divergent' review

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Two Night Stand Trailer

When Megan (Analeigh Tipton) is asked to move out of her by her best friend (Jessica Szohr) and her boyfriend (Scott Mescudi), she begins online dating by looking for a one night stand. The next morning, she awkwardly wakes up next to Alec (Miles Teller), and soon rejoices in the ephemeral nature of their relationship. But upon attempting to leave, Megan discovers that she has been snowed into Alec's apartment, causing the couple's one night stand to continue longer than it should have. As the two twenty-something New Yorkers are forced to get to know each other, in this quirky romantic comedy, they finally decide that they should perhaps try again, to see if they can successfully take on board their advice. 

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Whiplash Trailer

Andrew Neyman is a jazz drummer whose massive ambition has landed him a place at a prestigious American music academy. It's there he is picked up by Terence Fletcher; a notorious jazz composer who may be renowned for his teaching abilities, but is also feared for his unconventionally cruel methods. He is invited into his band where he is eventually given the chance to substitute the usual drummer after memorising the entire music sheet and subsequently is made to perform in the next competition. Unfortunately for Andrew, it seems Terence's faith in him has made him eager to push Andrew to the brink of insanity as he slowly turns him into a volatile obsessive with the desire to become the greatest drummer of his time. Meanwhile his father is furious at the treatment of his son and Andrew forces himself to break up with his girlfriend in order to put more time into practice.

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Divergent Review


Teens tackle yet another dystopian future in this well-made but derivative franchise-launcher. Filmmaker Neil Burger is more interested in whizzy visuals and a thorny plot to pay much attention to the characters or larger underlying themes, which leaves the film feeling eerily superficial. So while the film is relatively entertaining, it ultimately feels rather pointless.

The story's set after a war has reduced Chicago to a walled-in enclave of people divided into five stabilising factions: charitable Abnegation, peaceful Amity, honest Candor, defending Dauntless and brainy Erudite. Tris (Shailene Woodley) was born to parents (Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn) who are leaders in Abnegation, but when time comes for her to select her own path she discovers that she's Divergent, a cross-faction state that threatens those in power. So she chooses to join Dauntless, entering intense physical training under the tutelage of sexy hunk Four (Theo James) and harsh hunk Eric (Jai Courtney). then Dauntless' soldiers get caught up in a power struggle as Erudite leader Jeanine (Kate Winslet) plots to take governmental responsibilities from Abnegation.

All of this scene-setting takes about half of the film's running time, and it's frankly not very exciting. Burger makes sure it looks fantastic, with seamless visual effects, impressive stunt work and flashy action sequences, but the character drama takes longer to kick off. And there's also the problem that it essentially feels like a cross between The Hunger Games and Harry Potter as an unusually gifted teen takes on a controlling society.

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Toby Kebbell To Play Doctor Doom In 'Fantastic Four' - But Who Is He?

Toby Kebbell Fantastic Four Fox Miles Teller Kate Mara Michael B. Jordan Jamie Bell

As we predicted a couple of weeks back now, British actor Toby Kebbell will play villain Victor von Doom, aka Doctor Doom, in Fox's Fantastic Four reboot. The role was being chased by a number of rising stars including Jack Huston, Domhnall Gleeson and Sam Riley though the studio has plumped for arguably the least known of the contenders, according to Variety.

Toby KebbellToby Kebbell Will Play Doctor Doom in 'The Fantastic Four'

The casting of Kebbell completes a fresh looking cast for the new movie, with Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell forming the herpic quartet. The movie starts shooting in the Spring. 

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One Of These Four Actors Will Play 'Fantastic Four's' Dr Doom

Sam Riley Eddie Redmayne Toby Kebbell Miles Teller Kate Mara Michael B. Jordan Jamie Bell

The casting of Dr Doom in the new Fantastic Four movie has reached its final stages, with four actors in with a shot of playing the main villain. So who will be the one to terrorize the new line-up of superheroes, Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell?

Sam RileyEddie Redmayne
Will Sam Riley [L] and Eddie Redmayne [R] Score The 'Dr Doom' Role?

According to The Wrap, casting directors have singled out Sam Riley, Eddie Redmayne, Toby Kebbell and Domhnall Gleeson as the final four. A fifth actor, Jack Huston, was also in the mix a couple of weeks back though it's unclear whether it remains a possibility.

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Fox Banks On Young Hollywood To Reboot "Fantastic Four"

Kate Mara Michael B. Jordan Miles Teller Jamie Bell

The lineup for Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboots is currently being finalized. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is making deals with Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell to star in the upcoming Marvel adaptation. Teller, Mara, Jordan and Bell will portray Marvel’s original superheroes – a scientist, his best friend, his girlfriend and her brother, who end up in a freak accident and become Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Invisible Girl and Human Torch, respectively. They fought aliens and monsters but their arch-foe was Dr. Doom, a onetime roommate of the scientist.

Kate Mara, House of Cards Season 2
Meet your new (most likely) Fantastic Four cast - Kate Mara as Invisible Girl.

The reboot has been in the works for a while and is currently one of Foxs’s main projects, with the studio planning to release the film on June 19, 2015. The project, which has gone through a fair bit of ups and downs (the movie almost made it to production last fall, before rewrites delayed it, THR reports) now has a script, which was used for a round of read-throughs and screen tests in February.

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That Awkward Moment Review


Even a strongly likeable cast can't breathe life into this ill-conceived film, which poses as a sex comedy but is ultimately timid and sappy. The premise is intriguing enough to catch our interest, but it ends up being three badly written romantic-comedies woven together in a way that makes them neither romantic nor comedic.

The story strands centre on three best buddies enjoying their late-20s in New York. Jason (Efron) is the womaniser, breaking up the moment any girl begins to get serious. Daniel (Teller) is the clown, using humour to find women, usually with the help of his friend Chelsea (Davis). And Mikey (Jordan) is the responsible one, a medical doctor happily married to Vera (Lucas). Except that she leaves him, prompting Jason and Daniel to promise to stay single with him in solidarity. Then instantly, each of them finds himself in a relationship: Jason falls for wild-girl Ellie (Poots), Daniel realises that he's in love with Chelsea, and Mikey secretly tries to get Vera back.

The problem is that there's very little chemistry between any of the characters. Not only are the love stories strained and implausible, but the bromance never even gets off the ground because filmmaker Gormican is clearly terrified of any kind of male affection. He's also not very good at depicting sexuality, with only a couple of scenes played for comedy value. In fact, all of the film's sharp edges have been surgically removed, leaving only the illusion of gross-out humour.

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Divergent - Featurette

Author Veronica Roth and the cast of her book's film adaptation 'Divergent' talk about the upcoming dystopian movie in a short featurette. Among the cast are Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet and Jai Courtney.

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That Awkward Moment Trailer

If there's no clear cut message between two people who like other, nobody knows where they stand, what to say or when to call. Jason, Daniel and Mikey go through just that when all three find themselves with girlfriends that they aren't quite sure are really girlfriends. None of them are planning on settling into a relationship, especially since Mikey has only just come out of one, but things take an unforeseen turn when Jason meets Ellie who he wants to spend all of his time with and finds himself being accused of having a girlfriend. Pretty soon though, Daniel also finds his feelings are deepening for Chelsea and Mikey still has a lot of emotions to overcome. Even when their love lives start becoming less complicated, they find themselves struggling to adapt to monogamous lives.

This romantic comedy deals with the all too real circumstances of fledgling love. It has been directed and written by Tom Gormican (co-producer of 'Movie 43') in his directorial and screenwriting debut, and production was undertaken by Scott Aversano ('School of Rock', 'Killers'), Justin Nappi ('All Is Lost'), Andrew O'Connor ('Peep Show') and Kevin Turen. 'That Awkward Moment' is set to be released in the UK on January 31st 2014.

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Shailene Woodley's 'The Spectacular Now', Best Teen Romance In Years? [Trailer]

Shailene Woodley Miles Teller

The Spectacular Now could be the movie that finally makes Shailene Woodley a star. Sure, she was great in The Descendants and there's talk of Fifty Shades of Grey - which we really hope she doesn't do because it'll be atrocious - though James Ponsoldt's new movie could really be the one.

The movie stars Miles Teller as a perpetually drunk and popular high school senior who falls for the astonishingly 'normal' Aimiee (Woodley). The first couple of scenes in the trailer suggest this could be your run-of-the-mill teen romance, though it begins to evolve to reveal a real story. 

It comes as no surprise that 500 Days of Summer scribes Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber are behind The Spectacular Now. It's familiar boy-meets-girl territory, though seems to pack a punch. 

Continue reading: Shailene Woodley's 'The Spectacular Now', Best Teen Romance In Years? [Trailer]

The Spectacular Now Trailer

Sutter Keely thinks he has the perfect life; he's a high-school student with a car, a job he loves, a gorgeous girlfriend and the ability to make friends wherever he goes. Rather than thinking about his future and what graduation will bring, he's perfectly contented to take each day as it comes. It only becomes a curse when his girlfriend dumps him, but things take a different turn in his life when he wakes up after a particularly alcohol-fuelled night only to find himself in someone else's yard with a concerned looking Aimee Finicky next to him. Aimee's the good girl, who's never had a boyfriend and puts her focus on her future. Sutter finds himself falling in love and coming round to the idea of a quiet life, but thinking about the future has made him wonder if he should factor in Aimee's at all.

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21 And Over Review


The writers of The Hangover stick with the same formula for this university-aged romp about three young guys who get far too drunk for their own good. It even opens on the morning after (they're walking naked across campus) before cycling back to piece together what actually happened. But all of the humour is as cheap as it can be, merely laughing at stupid behaviour rather than mining much genuine comedy out of the situation. At least the actors find some chemistry along the way.

Our three chuckleheads are party-boy Miller (Teller), smart-guy Casey (Astin) and their pal Jeff Chang (Chon), who is turning 21 at midnight. This prompts Miller and Casey to propose a night of drunkenness to celebrate his legal drinking age in style. But Jeff has his med school interview in the morning, so they have to sneak past his terrifying dad (Chau) to have just one drink together. Unsurprisingly, this drink turns into an epic bar crawl, culminating in Jeff's unconsciousness. And since Miller and Casey can't remember where he lives, they go on a ludicrously convoluted quest to find his address. This involves enraging a sorority house, releasing the university's mascot buffalo and tormenting the tough-talking boyfriend (Keltz) of a cheerleader (Wright) who catches Casey's eye.

Obviously, there's one massive problem with this whole premise: a cold shower and a cup of coffee would revive Jeff pretty easily. But then, Miller and Casey wouldn't need to go through, say, eight levels of frat-house drinking games to find a guy who might know Jeff's address. At least all of the antics give Teller and Astin a chance to deepen their characters a bit, mainly in the way they interact with each other as childhood pals who have taken unexpected turns along the way. Chon doesn't have quite as much to do with Jeff. Sure, he's been pushed into studying medicine by his fearsome dad, but he spends the entire movie in a drunken stupor.

Continue reading: 21 And Over Review

21 And Over Trailer

Jeff Chang is a typical high-achieving college student with a strict and proud father who is determined to get his son into medical school even if that means making him stay in on his 21st birthday in order to prepare for a crucial medical exam the next morning. However, Jeff is visited by his two best friends, who he has known forever, on his birthday night determined to drag him out for a night of fun, frolics and fraternisation with females. Predictably, the night turns into chaos as the three boys' antics spin out of control and Jeff finds himself being attacked by girls at a slumber party, drinking himself into a vomit soaked stupor, running through the streets in ladies underwear and having a run in with the cops. A typical night in the life of a college boy, however with Jeff's father on the warpath, Jeff's friends are feeling the pressure to get him to his exam the next day. 

'21 And Over' serves as the directorial debut of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (collaborators on 'The Hangover' and 'Four Christmases') who were also responsible for writing the screenplay. The hilarity will be very familiar to those who know of the writing duo's previous projects and it's definitely set to be as much of a hit on its release on March 1st 2013. 

Directors: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

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Project X Trailer

Thomas, JB and Costa want to make a name for themselves, now that they are in their senior year of high school. As they approach their seventeenth birthdays, they have the idea to throw an epic birthday bash, at Thomas' large house while his parents are away.

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Footloose Review

Very Good
A surprisingly faithful remake of the iconic 1984 hit, this crowd-pleasing romp finds some intriguing present-day resonance without pushing it too hard.

Instead, it centres on the interpersonal drama and exhilarating dance moves.

After his mother dies, Boston teen Ren (Wormald) moves to small-town Bomont to live with his aunt and uncle (Dickens and McKinnon). Teens here are prohibited from dancing due to a tragedy three years earlier, so Ren is soon at loggerheads with the local minister (Quaid), whose daughter Ariel (Hough) is a wild child with a redneck boyfriend (Flueger) and an eye for Ren. As Ren deals with his own issues, he teams up with new friends Willard and Woody (Teller and Blain) to take on the system.

Continue reading: Footloose Review

Footloose Trailer

Ren McCormack moves to Beaumont, Tennessee from Boston. He soon becomes friends with a boy named Willard, who tells him that the council has banned dancing and loud music, due to a tragic accident a few years' prior involving teenagers after a night out.

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Trailer

In the third instalment of the Divergent series Allegiant, Tris and Four find themselves plunged...

Fantastic Four Movie Review

Fantastic Four Movie Review

Until the special effects take over in the final act, this is an unusually gritty,...

Fantastic Four Trailer

Fantastic Four Trailer

After years of work and millions of dollars in funding, Dr. Storm has come up...

Insurgent Movie Review

Insurgent Movie Review

A sharp improvement on the original, this second entry in The Divergent Series has a...

Two Night Stand Movie Review

Two Night Stand Movie Review

Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton are smart enough actors to make the most of this...

The Fantastic Four - Teaser Trailer

The Fantastic Four - Teaser Trailer

A teleportation experiment malfunctions, leaving four young scientists undoubtable irrecoverably changed. With the steady manifestation...