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Why Did Emma Watson And Miles Teller Lose Out On 'La La Land' Roles?

Emma Watson Miles Teller Emma Stone Ryan Gosling

La La Land is currently dominating awards season with stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling each picking up a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination for their lead roles. But while it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Mia and Sebastian, originally it was meant to be Emma Watson and Miles Teller singing and dancing their way around Hollywood.

Now a report by Page Six has claimed that both Watson and Teller lost out on the roles for being ‘too demanding’ and the film’s award season success has left both stars at war with their agents.

Emma WatsonEmma Watson was nearly cast as Mia in La La Land

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Bleed For This Review


This is such a ripping true story that it can't help but grab hold of the audience, even if the film never quite breaks through the surface. A story of tenacious triumph in the face of seemingly impossible odds, it also offers Miles Teller a terrific against-type role as a beefy young boxer who simply won't take no for an answer. And the entire cast is just as surprising, adding textures to a movie that's a bit too straightforward for its own good.

This is the story of Vinny Pazienza (Teller), a young boxer who wins two world championships in two weight classes with the help of his father Angelo (Ciaran Hinds) and his trainer Kevin (Aaron Eckhart). Then at the top of his game, he breaks his neck in a car crash and is told he may never walk again, let alone fight. But Vinny is determined to remain the champ, so he returns to training, even though an injury could leave him permanently disabled. Kevin reluctantly agrees to train him, pushing him up into yet another weight class. And seeing the publicity possibilities, father-and-son promoters (Ted Levine and Jordan Gelber) set up a massive Vegas comeback match.

Writer-director Ben Younger shoots this with a steady authenticity, charging inexorably through the story in a way that echoes Vinny's singleminded determination. Along the way, there are strained relationships, a variety of physical and emotional obstacles, intense boxing matches and, of course, a few emotive training montage sequences. The story is so strong that the film can't help but be engaging and even rousing, even if there are very few shadings along the way. Vinny never seems to doubt himself at all, his family only barely objects to his potentially life-threatening decisions, and his opponents are clearly going down for the count.

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Shailene Woodley Says 'Divergent' TV Series Is Not What She Signed Up For

Shailene Woodley Miles Teller

Actress Shailene Woodley doesn't seem too keen on the idea of moving the Divergent series to television for its final instalment, Ascendant. While no final plans have been announced, it has been reported that the series is set to end on the small screen, after the disappointing box office performance of the latest movie.

Shailene WoodleyShailene Woodley may not take part in a Divergent TV series

Speaking about the proposed television series to E! News, Woodley said: "From what I know, they want to proceed with a television show, which is not something that I signed up to do. Out of respect to the whole scenario, there could be things that have changed, but I didn't sign up to do a TV show.”

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War Dogs Review


Based on a rather astounding true story, this comedy-drama centres on two stoners who landed a massive defence contract with the American government to sell arms for the War on Terror. The story is told with a heavy dose of macho swagger by The Hangover's Todd Phillips, which makes it entertaining even as it dodges the heavier themes the plot is raising. It's also set in a world where smugness is an asset and women are irrelevant.

It begins in 2005 Miami, where David (Miles Teller) is working as a masseur and living happily with his girlfriend Iz (Ana de Armas). Then he runs into his old school friend Efraim (Jonah Hill), who convinces him that there's money to be made selling weapons to the US military. Over the next few years, the business expands dramatically, bringing in a fortune as David and Efraim travel into Iraq to see their deals through. Then they land a massive new contract that involves working with a rather dodgy supplier (Bradley Cooper) and processing the arms in Albania. But as they start bending the law to maximise their profits, things start to fall apart.

Phillips tells this with a quick step and a twinkle in his eye, zipping through the events with masculine energy, filling scenes with black humour as the business gets murkier. Hill and Teller make a terrific team, using their impeccable comic timing to make every scene zing. They are also excellent at bringing out the contrasts between David and Efraim: David tries to do things right, Efraim has no moral compass. And their differing approaches to cross-cultural situations are telling as well. Many of their conflicts seem scripted for movie purposes, but they're so well-played that we don't mind too much. By comparison, the supporting cast kind of fades into the background. Cooper grabs attention in a seriously oddball role, while de Armas is completely sidelined as the only person with a conscience.

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Jonah Hill And Miles Teller Bonded Quickly For War Dogs

Jonah Hill Miles Teller

In the new comedy-drama War Dogs, Jonah Hill and Miles Teller play childhood friends who meet up again in their late 20s and go into business as arms dealers. Since it's based on a true story, both actors were keen to dive into the roles.

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller in War DogsJonah Hill and Miles Teller star in War Dogs

Hill says he was aware of the story from a Rolling Stone article, but found out that The Hangover director Todd Phillips had already bought the rights. "So I reached out to him," Hill says. "And I said, 'If you ever make a movie out of this, I'd love to talk about playing Efraim because he is one bizarre, messed-up character.' I was just really attracted to how insane the story was and that the characters were people my age doing these insane things."

Teller agrees that the characters' age was a key factor in his interest in the role. "I think that these guys' youth kind of gave them a certain feeling that maybe they didn't have as much to lose," he says. "It's rare to get a script for guys in their 20s that are actually doing things with big responsibility or a more mature tone. And I was excited to play the straight guy who actually has more of a moral compass. Those aren't always the parts you're getting."

Watch the trailer for 'War Dogs' here:


While Teller was able to work with David Packouz, the man he plays in the film, Hill still hasn't met Efraim Diveroli. "As written, Efraim was kind of outlandish, colourful, deceitful and manipulative," Hill says. "But also everyone described him as very charming. So that was the great challenge."

In working on the role, he also began to understand Efraim's morality. "It's the 14-year-old version of yourself that goes, 'Hell, yeah!' but you don't examine the outcome," Hill says. "You see the snapshot and want to live in that snapshot, but you don't see the moral, physical, legal repercussions. You're just thinking like a kid."

Due to previous work commitments, Hill and Teller didn't have the usual time to bond before filming began. But Hill says this actually worked in their favour. "These are two people who were really close but haven't seen each other for a long, long period of time," he says. "On the set, I think we got to really bond because we started the movie in Romania."

Teller agrees: "Yeah, you bond when you're just waking up at 2am in a country where you don't know anybody and you don't know anything!"

Bleed For This Trailer

Vinny Paz always had the passion and drive to be the best boxer in which ever division he turned his hand to, he trained rigorously and his whole life revolved around winning the next title. Cheeky in nature Vinny immediately caught the attention of the sporting press earning himself the nickname 'The Pazmanian Devil' for his speed and ability to run circles around his competition in.

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Get A Job Trailer

Will and Jillian are in love and both have recently graduated collage. Jillian managed to get a well-paid and high profile just almost instantly, Will on the other hand is still interning at companies for free but Will's luck is about to change (or so he thinks). He's just been offered a paid position at LA Weekly but when he turns up for work he's abruptly informed that the job position is no longer available because of downsizing. 

Will lives with his pot loving buddies who are all really close but some might be on the verge of being called 'deadbeats'. Will and his friends are all in a similar position, they 'really struggling to find a job, Jillian is the only structured part of his life. 

Needs must means Will must sell his beloved TV but things start to look up for the graduate when, against the odds, he's offered a job as a videographer. Just as Will gets into the swing at his new office Jillian finds herself jobless. Will is quick to encourage Jillian to get straight back out there but she finds herself with little luck. 

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Review


After the more thrilling Insurgent, this saga reverts to the talky style of the original Divergent movie, constantly explaining this post-apocalyptic world's convoluted mythology before indulging in whizzy action that has little to do with the story or characters. It's a strange step back for a franchise that has such a strong cast and high production values. And this movie also feels frustratingly incomplete, because it's only based on the first half of Veronica Roth's third and final novel (a fourth film, Ascendant, is due next year).

When we last saw our hero Tris (Shailene Woodley), she and her hunky boyfriend Four (Theo James) had overthrown the nasty Erudite leaders to create a "factionless" society in Chicago under new leader Evelyn (Naomi Watts), Four's mother. But Evelyn's willingness to indulge in military excesses causes a rift with the more peace-loving leader Johanna (Octavia Spencer), sparking a civil war. Bored with this, Tris and Four free Tris' brother Caleb (Ansel Elgort) from death row and escape over the walls out of Chicago along with cohorts Peter and Christina (Miles Teller and Zoe Kravitz). Fleeing into the fringe, they encounter a peaceful, futuristic community called the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, run by David (Jeff Daniels). There they learn new facts about their past, but they're unable to ignore the unravelling situation in Chicago.

As in the first film, this script is over-packed with long conversations about the society's complicated set-up, and the Bureau has its own set of issues. Some of this information provides welcome context to the earlier films, but the screenwriters also hold back a lot of key details for next time, so this episode is oddly inconclusive. And that also makes it feel dull and contrived, especially since it leaves the characters' motivations so badly muddled. There's also the problem that these movies continually steal ideas and imagery from other films (this time it's Mad Max and The Truman Show).

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Dave Franco, Miles Teller And Ansel Elgort Reportedly On Shortlist To Play Young Han Solo

Dave Franco Miles Teller Ansel Elgort Harrison Ford

After the success of The Force Awakens, focus is now being turned to the upcoming Star Wars spin-off movies, which begin with Rogue One’s release in December. But also in the pipeline is a Han Solo origin story, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, which is reportedly close to casting the young smuggler.

Dave FrancoIs Dave Franco a good fit for a young Han Solo?

According to Variety, after seeing thousands of actors, executives have narrowed the names down to a shortlist over around a dozen actors. Included on the list are, 21 Jump Street’s Dave Franco, Whiplash’s Miles Teller and The Fault in Our Stars' lead Ansel Elgort.

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Trailer

In the third instalment of the Divergent series Allegiant, Tris and Four find themselves plunged into a new world and facing far more dangers than ever before.

In the aftermath of the earth-shattering revelations of Insurgent, Tris and Four must go beyond the wall enclosing Chicago and venture into the unknown, leaving the only city and family they have ever known as they fight to survive.

Outside of their home the pair realise that they have spent their lives being monitored and are already known to the rest of the world. But it soon becomes clear that everything is not as it seems and old discoveries are now meaningless thanks to shocking new revelations.

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'Fantastic Four' Becomes A Fantastic Flop At US Box Office

Michael B. Jordan Miles Teller Jamie Bell Kate Mara Josh Trank

The latest Fantastic Four movie starring Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller opened at the US box office with a disappointing $26.2 million over the weekend, taking the number two spot and falling way short of its predicted $40million opening. The film had a budget of around $120 million and studio Fox has already lined-up a sequel for 2017.

Fantastic FourFantastic Four fell short of expectations at the US box office.

Fantastic Four will now go down as one of the worst openings for a film based on a Marvel property, taking a little more than Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, which opened with $22.1 million in 2012. The film suffered from bad reviews and currently holds an embarrassing 8% rating on review site Rotten Tomatoes.

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A Week In Movies: Cannes Kicks Off, Tomorrowland Premieres, Cameras Roll In Miami And Trailers Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Meryl Streep And Anne Hathaway

Cannes Film Festival George Clooney Miles Teller Jonah Hill Woody Allen Joaquin Phoenix Emma Stone Ed Helms Meryl Streep Robert De Niro Anne Hathaway

The 68th Cannes Film Festival kicked off on the French Riviera this week with acting icon Catherine Deneuve, who stars in the opening night film Standing Tall. She was joined on the red carpet by a glamorous line-up including Lupita Nyong'o, Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller and Jane Seymour.

Catherine Deneuve at Cannes Film FestivalCatherine Deneuve at Cannes Film Festival

More: See pictures from Cannes Film Festival

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The Divergent Series: Insurgent - Teaser Trailer

Following the revelation that she is Divergent and not specialised for any of the dystopian Chicago factions, Tris (Shailene Woodley) uncovered a series of intrigue and dishonesty amongst factions. Now, Tris is on the run with her leader Four (Theo James); being chased by the Erudite - a faction based on intelligence - as they plot to become the dominant faction. With Tris' family having sacrificed themselves some great secret, Tris and Four must find out what that is before the Erudite can catch them and win.

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Wait, Is 'Whiplash' The Best Movie Of 2014?

Miles Teller J.K Simmons

Forget Boyhood, Birdman and Foxcatcher. Actually, don't forget those. They're all really, really good. But Whiplash is the movie we're going to talk about. Whiplash. You're going to want to remember that.

WhiplashMiles Teller is generating buzz for his performance in 'Whiplash'

It stars former teen star Miles Teller as Andrew Neyman, an ambitious young jazz drummer who hungers to become one of the greats. After meeting tutor Terence Fletcher - an instructor known for his revered but terrifying methods - Andrew joins a bad but his passion to achieve perfection spirals into obsession, all under the gaze of his ruthless teacher. 

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Whiplash - Clip

Andrew Neyman is an aspiring young jazz drummer who is thrilled to land a place at a prestigious American music academy. However, with amazing opportunities comes a lot of serious pressure and Andrew finds himself struggling under the ruthless instruction of his pedantic band conductor Terence Fletcher. With his decades of experience, Fletcher has an ear for music Andrew couldn't hope to emulate and yet his struggles to correct his own miniscule mistakes go totally unsympathised with. He is left flustered and on the verge of tears during one particularly heated band practice, whereby Fletcher's unsuccessful attempts to correct Andrew's tempo lead to the latter being nearly struck over the head with a chair by the volatile teacher who precedes to slap him hard around the face several times. Is Andrew strong enough to survive such fierce scrutiny, or are his dreams of musicianship almost over?

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Naomi Watts To Join "Insurgent" Cast Straight Away, As Rebel Leader

Naomi Watts Shailene Woodley Theo James Zoe Kravitz Miles Teller Kate Winslet Octavia Spencer

The cast of Divergent sequels Insurgent and Allegiant is already taking shape with Naomi Watts being the latest A-lister to join the lineup. The actress joins Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Zoe Kravitz and a number of other celebrities for the remaining movies of the young adult franchise. Watts willplay the mother of James’ character Four, appearing in three movies in total, since the final book, Allegiant will be split into two films a la every teen fantasy franchise of the past five years. Watts’ character, Evelyn, is the ruthless leader of the factionless in the books, aka those, who do not belong into any of Divergent’s five castes and have therefore been shunned from society.

Naomi Watts
Is Watts right for the part of a ruthless rebel leader?

Back in May, Summit also announced the casting of Octavia Spencer as Amity leader Johanna Reyes and the return of Kate Winslet as the main antagonist of the first two books, Jeanine Matthews. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production on Insurgent is already underway in Atlanta. The second film from the series has been given a tentative release date of March 20, 2015 – nine whole months ahead of the other big YA movie coming out in 2015 – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I.

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Fox Announces, 'Wolverine,' 'Fantastic Four' Sequels, Plus Mystery Project

Hugh Jackman Jennifer Lawrence Kate Mara Miles Teller James Mangold Michael B. Jordan Jamie Bell

Fox has scheduled three more upcoming Marvel movie dates so that the studios can keep continually churning out new superhero movies in the years ahead. The new films - a Wolverine and a Fantastic Four sequel and a mystery Marvel project - are plotted for release from 2017 and onwards. The next Wolverine is set for March 3, 2017, the Fantastic Four sequel is pencilled in for July 14, 2017, and the last one is due to arrive on July 13, 2018, according to Variety.

The Wolverine
Fox Have Plotted A Release Date For The Next 'Wolverine' Movie, For 2017.

Whilst details on the latter two projects are a lot more vague, it was announced last November that Hugh Jackman will be returning to the role of the iconic mutant for a follow-up to 2013's franchise-boosting The Wolverine alongside director James Mangold.

Continue reading: Fox Announces, 'Wolverine,' 'Fantastic Four' Sequels, Plus Mystery Project

With Director, Cast And Release Date Set, 'Fantastic Four' Reboot Might Work Out

Kate Mara Michael B. Jordan Miles Teller Jamie Bell

The “Fantastic Four” reboot cast has been finalized (almost). The release date has been set – June 19, 2015, according to Deadline – and now the movie has its four leads as well. As predicted, Fantastic Four will star Kate Mara as Invisible Girl, Fruitvale Station breakout Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch, Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic and Jamie Bell (Nymphomaniac) as The Thing. The deals are still being negotiated, but all look fairly solid. Deadline reports that Bell and Jordan’s involvement is certain.

Kate Mara
Mara is most likely to fill Jessica Alba's shoes as Sue Storm.

The script is being penned by Simon Kinberg and Fox is handing the direction to Josh Trank. Trank has previously worked on Chronicle, so it could be said that he has some experience with sci-fi. On the other hand, this is only his second feature film, meaning that Fox is banking on a relative newcomer to kick off what will likely become the studio’s attempt at a superhero franchise, a la Avengers.

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Kate, Michael, Miles And Jamie: Meet The 'Fantastic Four' Reboot Cast

Jamie Bell Michael B. Jordan Miles Teller Kate Mara

It’s been over two months since Thor: The Dark World came out, which means that we’re itching for some superhero news to tide us over! Luckily, rumors are flying around that the cast for the 2015 movie The Fantastic Four reboot, has finally been picked. For those who aren’t already Fantastic Four fans, this bunch of superheroes/astronauts gained their powers after they were exposed to cosmic rays whilst hanging out in outer space. You know, that old chestnut.

Let’s take a look at the potential The Fantastic Four reboot cast.

Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

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Vinnie Pazienza Boxing Biopic Recruits Aaron Eckhart And Miles Teller

Miles Teller Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart and Miles Teller are both set to star in a new boxing biopic based on the life of world champion Vinny Pazienza. The project is called Bleed for This and Martin Scorsese will oversee as executive producer. Pazienza’s story is ripe for feature film adaption.

Miles TellerMiles Teller is set for the biggest role of his career

After a near-fatal car crash, the boxer was faced with never walking again, let alone boxing again. Instead of giving in and living a life away from the sport he loved, Pazienza defied doctor’s orders, embarking on a remarkable comeback under the tutelage of renown trainer, Kevin Rooney.

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Critics Attack 'That Awkward Moment' As Insipid, Cliché & Forgettable

Zac Efron Miles Teller

That Awkward Moment, starring Zac Efron, has been heavily criticised in reviews.

That Awkward Moment
That Awkward Moment has been panned by critics.

Zac Efron stars in That Awkward Moment as Jason, one of three friends (played by Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan) who struggle with addressing the moment in a romantic relationship when a couple has to decide where their romance is heading. Each of the friends has a girlfriend (Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis and Jessica Lucas) but none are certain if they truly want to settle down with their prospective partners. 

Continue reading: Critics Attack 'That Awkward Moment' As Insipid, Cliché & Forgettable

'That Awkward Moment' Mauled By Critics - But Do Audiences Care?

Zac Efron Miles Teller

The year is only a month old and we already have our first critically mauled A-list movie. That Awkward Moment has had some of the nastiest reviews of the year. The New York Times called it "a vile, witless sex comedy", while the Los Angeles Times gets academic, saying that the film is about "how passing off misogyny for comedy has gotten so terribly passé, as insulting to the guys as to the women". Read our That Awkward Moment review.

That Awkward MomentMiles Teller [L], Michael B. Jordan [center] and Zac Efron [R] in 'That Awkward Moment'

But does the audience listen to what the critics say when their favourite stars are in the movie? This one stars heartthrobs Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan along with everyman Miles Teller. All three have been in much more critically acclaimed films in the past year (The Paperboy, Fruitvale Station and The Spectacular Now, respectively), so studio execs will be watching the box office results closely.

Continue reading: 'That Awkward Moment' Mauled By Critics - But Do Audiences Care?

Zac Efron And Co. Release "That Awkward Moment" - A Romcom For The Guys' Guy

Zac Efron Miles Teller Michael B. Jordan

That Awkward Moment, an upcoming comedy starring Zac Efron, is being marketed as a romcom for the guys’ guy. We’ve already seen the male perspective on action, thriller, adventure, sci-fi and practically every other film genre in existence. What That Awkward Moment promises is a male version of a romantic comedy.

That Awkward Moment Still
It's sort of like Sex and the City, except not quite as pink and sparkly.

Efron, who has now firmly moved on from his High School Musical days, plays Jason, a confused 20-something living in the big city, trying to maneuver around the perils of jobs, dating and relationships with his small group of likeminded friends. It’s a familiar scenario, except obviously, he’s a dude. The film is set to open in theatres this coming Friday.

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Sundance Film Festival Awards Announced: 'Whiplash' & 'Rich Hill' Triumph

Miles Teller Sundance Film Festival

A musical drama and a documentary about poverty in the US have won the top awards at the Sundance Film Festival. The results of the judging were announced yesterday (26th January). 

The festival is held annually in Utah and is one of the largest independent film festivals in the US. The festival has been held for over thirty years and is widely regarded as one of the top festivals to discover the rising stars of the film world. The festival, as Reuters reports, also ensures independent films reach a larger audience. 

28-year-old writer and director Damien Chezelle won awards in the drama competition for his film Whiplash. He had previously written a shorter version of the film which won the price for US fiction in the short film category. The film follows a jazz drummer as he attempts to perfect his music. Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now) starred in the award winning film. The film has already attracted the attention of Sony Pictures Classics who have offered the film maker $3 million. 

Continue reading: Sundance Film Festival Awards Announced: 'Whiplash' & 'Rich Hill' Triumph

Script Done, Actors Being Tested: Fantastic News For 'Fantastic Four' Fans

Miles Teller Kate Mara

The Fantastic Four movie is coming along nicely; the reboot - being directed by Josh Trank - is making considerable strides and the news that a script is complete and actors are even being tested for roles will come as welcome news to fans of the franchise.

Miles TellerMiles Teller wants the role, but he'll have to test for it

Variety were first with the scoop that Simon Kinberg has finished he rewrite of the script. Plan is to test for Reed Richards (aka Mister Fantastic) and Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman) by the end of the month.

Continue reading: Script Done, Actors Being Tested: Fantastic News For 'Fantastic Four' Fans

A Week In Movies: Meryl Streep Takes Action! Daniel Radcliffe Runs! And We Get New Trailers For X-Men, Budapest Hotel And More

Meryl Streep Daniel Radcliffe Jj Abrams Bryan Singer Wes Anderson Ralph Fiennes Jude Law Adrien Brody Saoirse Ronan Owen Wilson Tilda Swinton Bill Murray Zac Efron Miles Teller Martin Scorsese Leonardo Dicaprio Jonah Hill Matthew Mcconaughey

Star Wars Logo

News from the Star Wars universe had fans nervous, as screenwriter Michael Arndt left his Episode VII draft to be rewritten by director Jj Abrams and Star Wars veteran Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote 1980's The Empire Strikes Back. Arndt hinted that the film's release might be delayed until 2016 as a result. Read the full story here.

The biggest rumour this week was that Meryl Streep may join the cast of The Expendabelles, the female spin-off from Sylvester Stallone's Expendables franchise. Cameron Diaz and Milla Jovovich are also up for roles in the adventure thriller. But this would be Streep's first action movie since The River Wild, 20 years ago. See who else is rumoured to join the cast here!

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'That Awkward Moment': Zac Efron's Bromance Movie Takes Flight [Trailer]

Zac Efron Michael B. Jordan Imogen Poots Miles Teller

Next up in the world of vacuous teen flicks is That Awkward Moment, a film about three middle class dudes looking to 'score some chicks' in that thorny world of dating that presents us with such impossible conundrums as 'bros vs. hoes.'

That Awkward Moment
Three Guys Make A Pact To Stay Single: What Could Go Wrong?

The movie focuses on three early-twenties guys, Jason, Daniel and Mikey, who enter into a pact to stay single together after Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) splits from his girlfriend. Predictably, Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) meet girls and try to keep their new flings on the low whilst pretending there's nothing more than casual sex going on.

Continue reading: 'That Awkward Moment': Zac Efron's Bromance Movie Takes Flight [Trailer]

Divergent - Teaser Trailer

Tris Prior is a 'divergent' in a world where everyone is split up in accordance to their dispositions. This means that she is no one of any faction of virtue, but a combination of all of them; something that makes her particularly powerful and unreceptive to the manipulative powers of the government. Given her position, she is warned not to reveal her circumstances to anyone, but to pick one faction and hope that nobody discovers her, otherwise she will be hunted down and killed. Determined to know just why divergents are such a threat to the world, she sets out to find out more about herself and her capabilities while becoming increasingly close with her faction initiation instructor, Four.

'Divergent' is a dystopian story about a futuristic society; a story rather in the vein of 'Ninteen-Eighty Four' and 'The Hunger Games'. It has been directed by Neil Burger ('The Illusionist', 'The Lucky Ones', 'Limitless'), written by Evan Daugherty ('Snow White and the Huntsman', 'Killing Season') and Vanessa Taylor ('Hope Springs', 'Jack & Bobby'), and is based on the 2011 novel of the same name by Veronica Roth; the first of a trilogy. It will hit cinemas in the UK on March 21st 2014.

Click here to read - Divergent Movie Review 

Zac Efron And Co-Stars Look Super-Suave In 'That Awkward Moment' [Picture]

Zac Efron Miles Teller Michael B. Jordan

The first picture of Zac Efron in his upcoming romantic comedy 'That Awkward Moment' has been unveiled ahead of its January release.

Efron really isn't the innocent Disney star he once was, is he? Since 'High School Musical 3' he's been peed on by Nicole Kidman in 'The Paperboy', become a boy racer in 'At Any Price' and smoked pot as a hippy in 'Liberal Arts'. Now he plays a young bachelor who is on a mission to go through as many girls as possible without falling into the trap of a relationship in 'That Awkward Moment'; unfortunately, there's no clear cut line between friends and lovers these days. His cohorts are being played by Miles Teller ('The Spectacular Now') and Michael B. Jordan ('Fruitvale Station') but, like any film about bachelorism (yes, that's a word), Efron's character Jason will no doubt fall head over heels for some girl-next-door type who's 'different' from other girls. 

It's not just the movie roles that have got more adult either; his personal troubles would shock Disney fans as he was only fairly recently discharged from rehab after secretly struggling with a serious cocaine addiction. His habit had a serious impact on the filming of another of his upcoming movies 'Neighbours' when he regularly failed to turn up to the set. Sources close to him admitted to TMZ, 'It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine.'

Continue reading: Zac Efron And Co-Stars Look Super-Suave In 'That Awkward Moment' [Picture]

The Spectacular Now - Yet Another Teen Drama?

Miles Teller Shailene Woodley

With upcoming roles in The Fault In Our Stars and Divergent film adaptations, Shailene Woodley is quickly becoming Hollywood’s go-to girl for teen and young adult films. The trailer for yet another YA book adaptation has been released, once again featuring the familiar face. This time it’s The Spectacular Now, an angsty teen fiction story by Tim Tharp. Check out the trailer below.

Watch the trailer for The Spectacular Now.

Continue reading: The Spectacular Now - Yet Another Teen Drama?

Rabbit Hole Trailer

Becca And Howie Corbett have a perfect life, they live in a nice house with their son Danny and their dog. When Danny runs out of the garden and is hit by a car their existence is thrown into turmoil. Struggling to deal with the loss, the couple find very different ways of dealing with their pain.

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Only the Brave Movie Review

Only the Brave Movie Review

Based on a genuinely moving true story, this film undercuts the realism by pushing its...

Thank You For Your Service Trailer

Thank You For Your Service Trailer

Adam Schumann was part of one of the first Infantry Battalions to head into the...

Bleed for This Movie Review

Bleed for This Movie Review

This is such a ripping true story that it can't help but grab hold of...

War Dogs Movie Review

War Dogs Movie Review

Based on a rather astounding true story, this comedy-drama centres on two stoners who landed...

Bleed For This Trailer

Bleed For This Trailer

Vinny Paz always had the passion and drive to be the best boxer in which...

War Dogs Trailer

War Dogs Trailer

War dogs follows the journey of two low end arms dealers David Packouz and Efraim...

Get A Job Trailer

Get A Job Trailer

Will and Jillian are in love and both have recently graduated collage. Jillian managed to...

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Movie Review

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Movie Review

After the more thrilling Insurgent, this saga reverts to the talky style of the original...

The Divergent Series: Allegiant  Trailer

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Trailer

In the third instalment of the Divergent series Allegiant, Tris and Four find themselves plunged...

Fantastic Four Movie Review

Fantastic Four Movie Review

Until the special effects take over in the final act, this is an unusually gritty,...

Fantastic Four Trailer

Fantastic Four Trailer

After years of work and millions of dollars in funding, Dr. Storm has come up...

Insurgent Movie Review

Insurgent Movie Review

A sharp improvement on the original, this second entry in The Divergent Series has a...

Two Night Stand Movie Review

Two Night Stand Movie Review

Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton are smart enough actors to make the most of this...

The Fantastic Four - Teaser Trailer

The Fantastic Four - Teaser Trailer

A teleportation experiment malfunctions, leaving four young scientists undoubtable irrecoverably changed. With the steady manifestation...