Just as Fantastic Four hits cinemas, its leading man Miles Teller has found himself engulfed in a social media scandal due to his habit of answering interview questions with an uncanny frankness.

Miles Teller in Fantastic FourMiles Teller plays Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four reboot

After the 28-year-old was described as "kind of a d**k" by Esquire writer Anna Peele, Teller's Fantastic Four director and cast mates immediately leapt to his defence, while Teller himself tweeted that the tone of the article was "very misrepresenting".

And it's worth noting that in the article he says, presciently, "I can either censor myself or not, and you're always trying to figure it out."

After building his career in independent movies like Rabbit Hole, The Spectacular Now and Whiplash, Teller crossed over to commercial Hollywood with a supporting role in the Divergent franchise. And now he takes centre stage in the major superhero blockbuster remake Fantastic Four.

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He wasn't a particular fan of the comics. "I think I collected comic books at one point in my life," he says. "But once I was cast, my dad revealed that when he was my age Fantastic Four was his favourite comic book. So I was like, 'Well that's got to be kind of tricky, man. That now at age 60, your son is playing this character that you grew up with!'"

Already signed up for two possible sequels, Teller is enthusiastic about his fellow cast members. "I don't think people saw us individually as these characters at all," he says, referring to the internet backlash to the untraditional casting. "But they wanted to cast actors that maybe had a footing in dramatic acting, and I think that's served us well for the story. Hopefully, we'll be making these films for many years. I think we'd all be disappointed if these characters ended at the end of this film."

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Indeed, they're signed on for two sequels. And he has no intention of cutting himself off from critics, adding, "I absorb it all - all the negative stuff people say. I see every hateful thing people write to me on Twitter. Because I check it. I take it in."