'The Fantastic Four'
Doubtlessly his most highly anticipated movie to date, Miles will play Mr. Fantastic in the re-make of this Marvel foursome flick which will also star Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan. We can only assume that this superhero flick will catapult him into major Hollywood stardom - which he certainly deserves if he can pull this off. Miles epitomises the generation of super-talented young actors that have taken Marvel movies by storm - think Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Andrew Garfield - so it's hardly surprising that he's been picked to play the stretchy hero. Good luck, Miles!

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Miles Teller in 'Divergent'
Miles Teller reprises his mean role in 'Insurgent'

Miles returns as the insidious Peter in this 'Divergent' sequel - although his character is getting slightly more complicated. His relationship with Tris (Shailene Woodley) is still vicious but he seems to be developing a little more morality as the series goes on. Miles' ability to play complicated characters and manipulate the audience's feelings about them is a gift not shared among all actors, but it has to be said he is uncomfortably nasty for the most part of this series. We much prefer to see him as the good guy. 

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