Miles Teller has branded James Bond his "perfect" role after his grandmother started a campaign to land him the job.

The 'Whiplash' star's gran Leona Flowers is convinced the actor is the perfect replacement for Daniel Craig and she started a Twitter campaign in a bid to land him the role of 007 - and Miles has now admitted the job would be a "perfect fit".

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Yeah. I mean, yeah perfect. I think we're actors, you know, so maybe you can mix it up a little bit."

Daniel Craig stepped down from the role of 007 after the release of his final film 'No Time To Die' and Bond bosses are believed to be searching for a replacement.

In a post on the social media site, Leona insisted Miles is the right man for the job, writing: "They’re looking for an actor to replace Daniel Craig for future 007 movies. "I think my grandson, Miles Teller, has proven that he has everything they’re looking for - talent, looks, strength, worldwide appeal oh, so cool. He can be that guy!! Wouldn’t he be great?" Many of her followers agreed with her, but some pointed out that Bond has historically been played by British actors while Miles is American. However, Leona is adamant her 35-year-old grandson is great with accents and could easily convince moviegoers he's a Brit. She added: "He could make you think he was (British) ... And lots of Europeans have played Americans. He studied acting which includes accents. He’d be great."