If a Twitter feed, an instagram stream and a steady supply of gossip don’t provide enough insight into Miley Cyrus’ life, this fall there will be more – namely, an MTV documentary about the process of recording and promoting Miley’s new album and her life throughout. Apparently, it’ll be a Ke$ha-esque affair, a la My Crazy Beautiful Life, only instead of a reality series, the Miley-verse will be presented in feature film form.

Miley Cyrus, London
If We Can't Stop was this shocking, wonder what she has in store for the documentary.

This won’t be the first documentary of this kind, as MTV has previously produced similar features on Drake, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Demi Lovato. For some reason, however, the Miley movie seems to be attracting a lot more attention than any previous MTV doc. Of course, the most crucial part of the documentary is the album itself. While only one track, We Can’t Stop, has seen the light of day so far and to controversial reception at best, Pharell Williams, who collaborated with Cyrus heavily on the album, swears by its different sound and heavier (but not too heavy) style.

Miley Cyrus, London
The singer is about to reveal her entire creative process.

"It's just gonna sound like her and her influences, but it's not that hip-hop heavy," Pharrell said of the full body of work, which will include features from Wiz Khalifa and maybe French Montana. "That's not what she does, that's not where she comes from. It's a part of what she loves, which is a very big difference."

So does this mean that the new Miley sound is going to be a country/hip hop crossover? We’re not sure the world is ready.

Pharrell Williams, BET Awards
Pharrell promises big hits from his "lil' sis"