Miley Cyrus used to only eat yellow food.

The 21-year-old singer insists she is less of a fussy eater than she used to be and never ate anything green until three years ago.

Asked what she is picky about, she said: ''Food. I'm better now but not that much better. I didn't eat anything green until I was 18. I only ate yellow food.''

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker also revealed she went skydiving in a bid to cure her fear of flying, which was so extreme she insisted on being driven everywhere, no matter how far, when she was younger.

Discussing her conquered fear with America's Marie Claire magazine, she said: ''Skydiving. I wouldn't even fly when I was a kid -- I would drive from Nashville to California or Canada. It actually got me over my fear of flying.

''If something is ever going down and I gotta jump out, I know how to work a parachute...

''I'd really like to go on a hot-air balloon.''

While she loves having a ''good time'', Miley - who is dating Patrick Schwarzenegger - hates going to the cinema because it's always too cold.

She said: ''I'm never up for going to the movie theatre. It's f**ing freezing.''