Miley Cyrus has marked seven years since the release of her hit single 'Wrecking Ball'.

The pop megastar took to Instagram to share a clip of the viral music video for the track, which saw her swinging across the room on a giant wrecking ball in the nude, and admitted it ''feels like a lifetime ago'' that she put it out.

She wrote: ''7 years of Wrecking Ball. My concept of time is completely askew. Feels like a lifetime ago... but somehow only yesterday. Thank you for all the support you gave me then and of course the love you're continuing to show my art today. Forever grateful & inspired. (sic)''

The single was taken from Miley's fourth LP, 2013's 'Bangerz', and she later admitted she regretted the song and the promo.

The 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' hitmaker confessed that she would hate for it to be played at her funeral.

Speaking in 2017, she quipped: ''Swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lives forever. I am never living that down.

''I will always be the naked girl on a wrecking ball, no matter how much I frolic with Emu [her dog] I am always the naked girl on the wrecking ball.

''I should have thought of how long that was going to follow me around.

''It's my worst nightmare, that song being played at my funeral -- that is my worst nightmare.''

Meanwhile, Miley recently dropped the lead single, 'Midnight Sky', from her upcoming seventh studio album.

The popular track is the biggest radio song of her career.

She reacted: ''Back in the studio and just heard that Midnight Sky is having the biggest radio add week of my CAREER and it's #1 most added at Pop and Hot AC.

''Every radio programmer who added [my song] is rad as f*** and everyone who didn't, well..... (sic)''