Miley Cyrus has been banned from performing in the Dominican Republic. The commission overseeing public performances in the country has cancelled an upcoming concert in the capital city Santo Domingo by Cyrus that was due to take place on September 13th.

Miley Cyrus Dominican Republic
Miley Cyrus has been banned from performing in the Dominican Republic on 'morality' grounds

A statement on Thursday made by the commission stated that the decision was made because Cyrus “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law.” While there’s been no further statements, this almost certainly refers to Miley’s crotch-grabbing and twerking antics that are part of her stage routine.

Tickets for the event had been on sale from last month, with prices going up to $370 (or £200). No statements have been made either by Miley or her representatives, and nothing has been released by the concert organisers.

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The former Disney poster girl, who played ‘Hannah Montana’ and was known for her clean-cut image, has in the last year totally reversed her public reputation with her second album Bangerz, released in October 2013, and its three hit singles ‘We Can’t Stop’, ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘Adore You’. From her performance at last year’s VMAs, which featured the now infamous twerk with Robin Thicke, she’s not afraid to court controversy, push her new image and provoke audiences.

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The Dominican government has in the past been known to take action against musical acts and films it deems inappropriate or vulgar, for example by banning songs by Puerto Rican group Calle 13 from radio stations.

Very odd that a country known for dirty dancing should find twerking so objectionable. Still, it means that Cyrus joins a select list of acts who have been banned from certain countries around the world. Lady Gaga, who has clearly been a big influence on Cyrus’ new direction, was banned in Malaysia in 2011, as has Beyoncé.