Miley Cyrus has been riding high lately – with her husband-to-be Liam Hemsworth, multiple performances and media appearances lined up and a new record on the way, the singer/actress has hardly had time to stop recently.

Miley gushed about the joys of being her in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine for its upcoming issue. When asked which parts of her life she was most satisfied with, the 'Can’t Be Tamed' singer went into a lovey-dovey monologue about her fiancé, the Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth: "Number one is my relationship with Liam. That's what I feel the most confident in because you never know; there's so much hype behind my new record, but it could come out and, worst-case scenario, everyone [expletive] hates it."

That makes sense to us. After all, Miley’s music has always had a controversial reception - controversial because most of it is terrible but people still seem to like it. That’s never seemed to bother the former child star though who, ever since the final days of her career with Disney, has rebelled against the squeaky clean image and marched to the beat of her own drum (sometimes in very puzzling ways, but hey, who are we to judge). In fact, the interview with Cosmo has once again managed to stir up a bit of controversy, this time because of Cyrus’s revealing outfit. The ensemble, comprised of low cut pants, an open jacket and, well, not much else really, has started rumours flying about some possible surgical interventions Miley might have had. All of it leads to two questions though: One, have people actually never heard of photo editing software and, two, why would anyone really care that much?