Miley Cyrus thinks she's ''super tough''.

The 27-year-old pop star believes she's become more resilient over the years, but Miley also acknowledged she fears becoming ''calloused and cold''.

The singer shared: ''I was thinking about how I've gotten pretty tough and sometimes I struggle with that.

''I struggle with my own strength because I definitely don't want to become calloused and cold. I feel like I'm a very warm, let-love-in-really-easy person and I really don't want that to change, but in a way I'm super tough.

''And yesterday I was thinking, but love is tough. Life is tough.''

Miley also thinks she's reached a stage in her life and her career whereby she doesn't have anything left to prove.

She told Apple Music: ''Sometimes I feel like rebellion comes when you feel like you have something to prove. And at this point I just am so secure and whole again that I don't feel like there's really anything for me to prove anymore.

''I have all the respect and dignity that's always been so important for me to claim, especially from where I've come from. I thought it was just so important for me to gain that.

''When I walk into a room, people think of me as an artist. And now I feel by having that security, I don't feel so rebellious or like I have anything to prove.''

Despite this, Miley remains determined to share her version of the ''truth'' through her music.

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker - who was previously married to actor Liam Hemsworth - said: ''I just have something to be, and that's myself. And to - as a strong, powerful person - tell my story in the words that feel like the truth.''