Miley Cyrus thinks ''emotion lies to us''.

The 27-year-old pop singer - who finalised her divorce from actor Liam Hemsworth earlier this year - has insisted she's a ''very logical person'' who doesn't allow emotion to cloud her thinking.

Explaining how she deals with heartbreak, Miley shared: ''I'm a very logical person. And I really try to not get lost in emotion, because our emotion lies to us.

''Our emotion sometimes makes us believe that every thought that we think is real. And I remember at a time we're dealing with heartbreak it's like, 'I'm never going to be the same again.' You know? 'My life is,' all of these things I was telling myself, it's just not true.

''So I'm very logical. So I am obsessed with lists. You can ask all my collaborators, I do the same thing when I song write; I have to write everything down.

''I'm a visual thinker. I need to see it. And I need to look at it and evaluate it, and it's value to me, and it's addition or subtraction to my being, to my existence.''

Miley approaches heartbreak as though it's a mathematical equation.

She told Zane Lowe on Apple Music: ''So when dealing with heartbreak, I look at what's being added, what's being subjected, and I write down each on each side of the scale.

''And then I measure from one to 10, 10 being the greatest, what they're contributing or not to my life. And then I look at those numbers, 'Okay, what's the higher number on the addition, and is it higher number on the subtraction to my life?'

''And then I can make a logical decision based on numbers, and not based on every thought that I think, because our brain totally does its own thing sometimes. And a lot of the time what you're feeling, isn't something that you're just feeling right now; it's something that you felt when you were 10.''