Miley Cyrus has rescued a bulldog.

The 'Midnight Sky' hitmaker's new pet wandered to the North Central Fire Protection District Station 58 in Fresno, California and Miley couldn't help but bring it home to join her menagerie of animals.

Jacob McAfee, the station's deputy fire chief, told CNN News: ''The crews said she was covered in fleas and smelled really bad.

''You could tell she had been out wandering for quite a while. It was kind of fun ... after a while every time they left on a call, the dog would run around to the front of the station where the fire engine pulls out and watch them leave for the call and follow us all around the station.''

Melissa Bacelar, owner of The Wagmor Hotel and Pet Spa in Los Angeles, added: ''As soon as we saw her, we knew we had to get her right to the vet. She had skin issues and eye issues and hip issues. She was a mess.''

And Miley admitted she was ''obsessed'' with the pooch.

Speaking about the adoption, Melissa added: ''Miley texted me and said, 'All right, I'm obsessed.' Miley texted me and said, 'This dog doesn't leave my side. I don't know how I would ever not have her. She's mine.' ...

''Literally this dog went from living on a mat in front of a fire station in Fresno to living on Louis Vuitton sheets with Miley.

Miley already has a number of pets including no less than seven dogs, two horses, two mini horses, three cats and a pig.