Miley Cyrus is ''jealous'' of Kim Kardashian West's unborn son.

The 'We Can't Stop' hitmaker made the unusual comment whilst on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards last night (30.08.15), when she praised the pregnant 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star's ample assets.

She said: ''Kanye West and I have one thing in common. We both love Kim Kardashian. I mean, have you seen those nipples? I'm so jealous of the baby in there.''

It is not the only reason why the 22-year-old star is said to be ''envious'' of Kim's family after a source claimed she loved Kim's two-year-old daughter North's ''edgy'' moniker.

A source shared: ''Miley's envious of her name. Like seriously, her name is North West! Miley wishes her parents were edgier back in the day and named her something cool.

''She likes her name, Destiny, but it doesn't fit her style or personality. Now, North West, that's an authentic and cool name and Miley loves it.''

In the past, Miley went through a phase of sharing snaps of her face photoshopped onto North's, something which Kanye sees as a ''form of flattery''.

An insider said at the time: ''Kanye doesn't mind that Miley's posing as North. He thinks it's a form of flattery. He's good with it and if Miley keeps it up, who knows, maybe he'll even make Miley's dreams come true and arrange for her to spend a little one-on-one time with Nori.''