Most guests after Sunday's MTV's Video Music Awards will have headed to an afterparty or trundled on home to wash their eyes after Miley Cyrus' eyebrow-raising twerk-fest of a performance. However two of the evening's stars, who coincidentally also both performed, couldn't wait a second longer to lay down some in-the-heat-of-the-moment beats, riding a wave of creativity into the nearest studio.

Miley Cyrus
Get Used To This: It's Here To Stay.

Miley Cyrus, the evening's chief provocateur and headline hogger in the wake of the VMAs, headed to the recording studio with rapper Kanye West for a remix session. Fresh from her stage antics, which included grinding against Robin Thicke and some raunchy dancing with teddybears, Miley met up with Kanye straight after the show.

Kanye West
Kanye Couldn't Wait To Harness The Energy Of The Evening.

No time for party: there was work to be done, said sources speaking to Us Weekly. "He was in a creative mood," an insider said the spur of the moment twilight recording sesh. "You know 'Ye: He does everything last minute and just decided to capture their energy and record right after the show. They decided that night."

Miley Cyrus MTV VMAs
Miley's The Most Talked About Star Of The Moment.

The pair focussed on Kanye's Yeezus track, 'Black Skinhead,' to remix and recorded a fresh new version of the song. Additionally, they "messed around with other tracks," which could appear on Miley's upcoming or subsequent album depending on how may tracks from October's Bangerz have been firmed yet.

Listen To Miley, Justin & Lil Twist's 'Twerk':

As the news that the Oxford Dictionary will add "twerk" to the dictionary, love her or not, former Disney child star Miley is the pop star of the moment. Hot on the heels of her MTV news explosion comes the revelation that a track she recorded with Lil Twist and Justin Bieber, entitled 'Twerk,' has been leaked. The song was apparently recorded in July this year after Lil Twist pestered Miley and Justin to join him in the studio.