The rumoured budding romance between Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz looks to be dying away as soon as it began, as reports have emerged claiming that their suspected romance is nothing more than a brief fling. Having been spotted together at various points over the past few weeks, most recently in Las Vegas at the end of December, the pair were as good as together in the media's eye, but now it seems as though that isn't quite the case.

Miley CyrusKellan Lutz
It turns out Miley and Kellan might not be an item after all

According to a source close to the pair, speaking with E! News, the two both have a thing for each other and are spending time together, however this will never amount to anything more than a quick fling between them. According to the source, neither are very keen to start up anything official and are enjoying their single lives too much to think about commitment. What's more, the hunky Twilight actor is apparently fed up of the media attention being seen with Miley has already given him already, so he wants to end receiving the unwanted stares as soon as possible.

Early in December the pair were seen exiting the same private jet in Miami after a short trip to the Bahamas. Later that month they were spotted together again, this time smooching and dancing together at the grand opening of Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas on 27 December.

Whilst this seemed to be the beginning of a future relationship, Kellan told paparazzi some time after the Vegas meeting that he was "happily single" and called the rumours linking him to Miley "stupid."

The 'news' of their apparently unmoving relationship will come as worse news to Miley than Kellan, as it is apparently her who is the most interested in a relationship. The source speaking to E! went on to say that "she likes him a lot," adding "there are a lot of similarities between Kellan and Liam. He is her type."

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